LA High Schools Recalling Thousands of iPads Given To Students

California is one of the most liberal states in the country.  They have been run largely by Democrats, except for Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Realize that this is the home to such liberals as Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.  Their philosophy is spend, spend and spend some more and when that doesn’t work, raise taxes and keep spending.   Hence the reason California has a deficit around $127 billion.

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) mimics what the state has been doing.  According to school board member Nury Martinez:

“In the past five years, LAUSD has weathered a total budget deficit of $2.8 billion.  We have had to make devastating cuts to programs and services and lay off more than 12,000 employees while our remaining teachers and staff continue to share the burden by taking unpaid furlough days in order to maintain quality instruction and keep our students safe.”

In wake of a $2.8 billion deficit and the need to lay off more than 12,000 employees, one has to wonder at the logic and intelligence that led to the decision to supply $700 iPads to thousands of students.  The program supposedly cost the LAUSD a whopping $1 billion.

Classes began on August 13.  After only a month and half of school, the LAUSD has realized the huge blunder they made in supplying thousands of iPads to students.  Before giving the students their iPads, the district placed certain security settings on them to prevent them from accessing undesirable websites. However, many of the students were able to bypass the school’s security settings with a few simple clicks.

In addition to the students hacking through the security settings, many iPads have been conveniently lost or misplaced.  This has caused some of the district’s schools to start recalling the iPads.  Two high schools, Westchester and Roosevelt have already recalled the devices, but school officials say that almost a third of them are still unaccounted for.

School officials say they are working with Apple to resolve the issue of students hacking the security settings and some schools are considering restricting the use of the iPads to classrooms only.  However, all it will take is one really savvy computer geek to figure out how to hack any security settings that Apple comes up with and that knowledge will spread through the city’s students as fast as Obama can say ‘I will not negotiate’!  No wonder the school district is facing a deficit that is closing in on $3 billion.

As I was reading this bit of news, I started to realize that those students that can’t be trusted with the iPads or to not hack the security on them are the future leaders of California and possibly the US.  Now that is a scary thought, isn’t it?

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