Labor Nominee Thomas Perez Behind New Black Panther White Wash

The president has once again sent up white smoke, this time for the position of Secretary of Labor in the appointment of Thomas Perez. Mr. Perez is a hardened leftist, a proponent of providing illegal-alien amnesty, the son of Dominican immigrants, and a Harvard-educated elitist.

The president cites these last two points as major qualifications for the job. Of course, none of these particulars eliminates Thomas Perez from holding a cabinet level office, certainly not in this administration. What should disqualify Perez from consideration, however, are a few nagging facts.

Mr. Perez has been given the nod for Labor Secretary fresh from holding the position of Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. Thomas Perez, as it turns out, was instrumental in blocking the prosecution of several New Black Panther Party members on charges of voter intimidation in the 2008 election.

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A new report from the Justice Department affirms that Mr. Perez gave incomplete testimony and withheld certain information in the matter. The Inspector General’s report stated that despite Perez’s testimony to the contrary, top political appointees were directly involved in the decision-making.

Further, the IG held that Attorney General Eric Holder “was briefed and generally indicated his approval” of a decision to dismiss some of the defendants.” The report went on to declare, “we believe that Perez should have sought more details … about the nature and extent of the participation of political employees in the NBPP decision in advance of his testimony before the commission” and added that “deep ideological polarization in the Justice Department’s voting rights section … fueled disputes that in some instances harmed the office’s proper functioning.” The inspector general concluded that “on some occasions the disputes involved harassment of employees and managers.” Yet the IG then went on record to say that “its review did not substantiate claims of political or racial bias in decision-making.”Oh really?

Sen. David Vitter (LA) has added to the objections Thomas Perez’s nomination presents. It seems that Mr. Perez, in his capacity with the attorney general’s office, filed suit against Louisiana for having had the cheek to try to identify each voter on the state’s voter rolls.

Sen. Vitter sent a letter about Perez’s outrageous interference to the State Department. In 2011. The letter has yet to be answered.

Sen. Vitter has promised to block Mr. Perez’s nomination until such an answer is received. One hopes blue is Senator Vitter’s color. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) contributed that Mr. Perez’s widely stated lenience on illegal alien rights are “far outside the mainstream.” In response, Sen. Pat Leahy (D-VT) offered a statement of stunning absurdity: “a fierce defender of workers’ rights and civil rights, Tom is uniquely suited to serve in this important post at a critical time when Congress will be considering issues like immigration reform, reducing unemployment, and continuing our economic recovery.”

President Obama is once again urging a speedy approval process for anointing Mr. Perez. The Democrat Senate, always in lockstep, agrees. If the administration says the appointment isn’t racist, it must be so.

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