LAPD Uses Defunct Rocket Launchers To Scare People Into Gun Control

The recent gun buy-back program in L.A. allegedly yielded a pair of rocket launchers according to LAPD Chief Charlie Beck. Beck stated at a press conference, “Those are weapons of war, weapons of death. These are not hunting guns. These are not target guns…they have no place in our great city.” This announcement that the gun buy-back program was successful in getting these “weapons of death” off the streets provided for some scary headlines in mainstream media. The police department’s as well as the media’s desired reaction was obviously to scare people and to associate law-abiding gun owners with those “paranoid, white nazis” who want to wage war with the U.S. government.

It was working, but then it turned out that those rocket launchers were not any danger to anyone at all…unless they were used to hit someone over the head. These particular rocket launchers were one-use, AT-4 grenade launchers. After they’ve been used once, that’s it. They’re not capable of being used again. That’s how they’re designed. In fact, once they’re used, they’re even sold for cheap at military surplus stores or on eBay.

Breitbart reported that it got even better:

 “But even more absurdly, at least one of the tubes was a training piece and never fired a grenade and never could have. It was a device used only for showing young soldiers what such a weapon looks like. It is a hands-on training tool that is 100% inert, un-fireable, safe as a plastic kid’s toy gun.”

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 Writing for Business Insider, Paul Szoldra, a former Marine, wrote,

 “It is, quite literally, a long, green fiberglass tube that does nothing….The turn-in of these expended rockets is the equivalent of me picking up empty shell casings that have been fired, and maybe even the ammunition box they came in, and turning it in for a free gift card.”

 So, was this just a setup to make fodder for news headlines that would further the establishment’s gun control agenda? Did the LAPD provide the “rocket launchers” themselves? Did they get them from a Hollywood production company that used them on movie sets as props? Or did some guy actually turn in the worthless pieces of plastic without the police chief knowing that they were defunct in exchange for $100 in taxpayer money? Either the media/police are trying to pull a fast one on us, or some guy pulled a fast one on them. Either way, the LAPD and media are showing their incompetence and utter desperation to justify gun control measures.

Breitbart also reported that the LAPD have tried pulling this publicity stunt before:

 “Back in May, Beck again paraded before the media with a “rocket launcher” he claimed his department had received during a gun buyback program. That piece, too, was clearly marked “trainer” and was incapable of ever firing any rockets.”

 And for the record, I don’t think there is anything wrong with someone owning a real rocket launcher. The more armed we are, the safer we are from government tyranny, which is why they want complete disarmament. They use the media under the guise of “news” to convince people to be afraid of guns and anyone who opposes a government overstepping its bounds. “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny,” said Jefferson.

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