Law Professor: ‘It Should be Illegal to Rape Robots’

No, you did not read that title wrong. There is a living, breathing, human law professor who is legitimately fighting to make a law that a person cannot rape a robot.

This is it. This is the moment that would ward off aliens from visiting if they were real. Liberals have sunken to a new low.

A left-wing professor at George Washington University Law School is fighting for Congress to regulate the sexbot industry. His reasoning? There is apparently a setting within a “sexbot” that can be switched to “rape mode” in which the robot resists sex. So the person is essentially raping a robot. A ROBOT.

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The College Fix reports.

“The obvious first step would be to have hearings and do studies to determine just how serious the threat is, whether there are any real benefits to having sexbots programmed to simulate being raped, and then what if any new laws, regulations, etc. might be appropriate,” he said. …

He said in a recent news release that the consequences of permitting the sale, distribution and use of sexbots to “perverts” and convicted or potential rapists should be reviewed.

“So, as science fiction of the type depicted in HBO’s Westworld is rapidly becoming reality, these are just some of the legal concerns regarding the brave new world of robot sex, where the law may well have to play catch up, just as it did with artificial insemination, host mothers, drones, and other developments,” he wrote.

While I don’t like the idea of it, how can we really regulate that? In that case, we would need to eliminate any games with violence, or perhaps even alcohol because it could encourage violence. Right?


Daily Wire reports:

Over at Instapundit, Stephen Green sarcastically makes a great point: “We should probably outlaw similar role-playing between consenting adults, too, just to be safe.”

Exactly. If Congress should outlaw raping a sexbot, why not consenting adults role-playing the exact same thing? Why not “barely legal” porn movies where unspeakable things are done to willing young women?

Freedom is not free. It comes with a price. Oftentimes a terrible price. Something Americans understand, or at least are supposed to understand, is that the awful and costly side effects that come with protecting individual liberty are preferable to the consequences of government control.

People are so sick these days.

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