Laws Don’t Apply to Obama and Company

The Democrats posing as the champions of the people over against the “wealthy” Republicans should be wearing thin. Our latest champion of the people, Elizabeth Warren, simply breaks the regulatory laws while she claims to want more of them. She is representative of many others.

Elizabeth Warren felt free to practice law without a license, in violation of Massachusetts’ rules. Her leftist defenders are now developing a convoluted argument to try to get her off the hook. But the principles used to defend her are ones that she and President Obama have denounced in other circumstances—specifically when circumstances don’t hurt them.

Warren continues to run for the Senate where liberals hope she will “become the new shining star in Washington.”

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Meanwhile, Obama defenders are so shameless that they compare a known tax cheat who is holding office in the Obama Administration, Timothy Geithner, to Mitt Romney simply because Romney has not volunteered documents to them. Here is the most positive pro-Geithner spin that could be put on his actions:

At the closed-door meeting, Mr. Geithner was contrite, several participants said. He told senators the mistakes weren’t intentional, but that he should have known better. The Internal Revenue Service makes up by far the largest piece of the Treasury’s budget.

It was incredible that a man who is capable of running the Treasury Department and taxing the rest of us could claim his failure to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes was an accident. There were another 40 in the Obama administration, that we know of, who were tax cheats. But Romney is being treated like a tax cheat for no reason at all by the team that supports Geithner.

In general, the Obama Administration and their cohorts seem to practice projection as a campaign tactic. They are greedy people who break the rules for personal gain and so they accuse their opponents of being greedy people who break the rules for personal gain.

Normal people would be afraid to do this because they would receive disapproval from society reflected in the national media. But they know they will get away with it. Elizabeth George does not need to worry that the media will really investigate her. Her double standard on disregarding regulations that apply to her while imposing them on others will never be scrutinized by the mainstream media.

The Obama Administration regularly claims Republicans are a threat to the middle class and will only protect “millionaires and billionaires.” But it is Obama’s recovery that widened the gap between rich and poor and helped out the wealthy more than any other class. The Huffington Post admitted, “during the post-recession period of 2009 and 2010, the rich snagged a greater share of total income growth than they did during the boom years of 2002 to 2007. In other words, inequality has been even more pronounced under Obama than it was under George W. Bush.”

If a Republican Administration had heard “accomplished” this, you would have heard about it on every TV news show and in every newspaper. But it is Obama’s record, so it is forgotten along with Geithner’s tax evasion and Warren’s practicing law without a license.

The rules don’t apply to them.

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