Laws, Loyalty and Lies – A Soldier, President Clinton and the United Nations

Should a member of the United States military be forced to wear a United Nations emblem or patch on their uniform?

When Bill Clinton was president back in the 1990s, I knew a man who was fiercely loyal to the United States.  He was an Air Force officer with an exemplary record serving his county.  At the time I knew him, he had been in the Air Force for just over 18 years, held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and was looking forward to retiring in less than two years.

All that changed one day when he received orders that his squadron was being deployed under a UN action.  Included in his orders were the instructions to replace his United States insignia with one belonging to the United Nations.  Tom refused to wear the UN patch, stating that he had sworn allegiance to the US and not the UN.  He was informed that if he refused, he would be court martialed and receive a dishonorable discharge.  With less than two years to go for retirement, he felt he had no choice but to resign his commission and leave the Air Force.

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A similar thing happened to US Army Specialist Michael G New who served as a medic in the Third Infantry Division.  Again, when Clinton was president, the Third Infantry Division was ordered to prepare for deployment to Macedonia as part of the United Nations’ action.  New and the rest of his division were ordered to wear United Nations patches and insignias on their helmets.

New, like my friend Tom, said that he had sworn an oath to uphold the US Constitution and not that of any other country or entity.  When he refused to wear the UN insignia, he was charged with disobeying orders and mustered out of the Army with a Bad Conduct Discharge.

All through his trial and subsequent appeals, New and his attorneys argued that to place US military forces under the command of a foreign power without the permission of Congress was illegal.  The prosecution used a copy of an executive order to justify the deployment and convict New.  The defense demanded to see a fully unedited copy of the executive order, Presidential Decision Directive 25, but was told that the 10 page copy they had was the entire document.

That Presidential Decision Directive 25 has now been declassified and New and his attorneys have obtained a copy and found it to be 30 pages long, not 10 pages as the prosecution had asserted.  Contained in the other 20 pages was information that revealed that the deployment of US troops under UN authority and leadership was in fact illegal in the way Clinton went about it.

With the new information at hand, New and his attorneys are filing a new appeal and hope to completely exonerate him and clear his Bad Conduct Discharge that has plagued him for over 15 years.

My question to all of you is this: should US military personnel be forced to wear the Insignia of the United Nations or any other power instead of the US insignia and should they be forced to swear allegiance to the United Nations or any other foreign power?

The way President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have climbed into bed with the United Nations, I can see a repeat of what took place under Bill Clinton’s regime.

The best way to stop this from happening again would be to expel the entire United Nations off of American soil and withdraw our membership from the organization that is striving so hard to form the one world government.  If we did this, it would save hundreds of billions of dollars since the US pays more to the UN than anyone else does.  It would also rid our nation of many of the spies that operate under the guise of UN diplomats.

By no longer belonging to the United Nations it would also mean that anti-American liberals like Obama and Hillary Clinton would no longer be able to try to place the United States and its citizens under UN law.  The US Constitution is sufficient for America and we do not need or want UN laws or treaties to overrule our own laws.

Then US service men and woman will be allowed to wear the US flag and any other appropriate identifications on their uniforms without fear of having to ruin or end their careers protecting you and me.

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