Layoffs Paint Different Picture than Obama’s 6.7% Unemployment Figure Paints

President Obama and his economic and jobs advisors have been dancing around with joy over the grossly adjusted unemployment figures for December.  After all, less than a year ago the unemployment was still at 8% and now it is supposedly down to only 6.7%.  But if you take off the rosy glasses they’re looking through, you quickly realize that the 6.7% is a farce and has little to do with reality.

All you have to do is start looking at all of the layoffs being announced.  Not all of them are big, but when added up, they paint a different picture than what Obama’s painted.  More importantly, the workers being handed pink slips don’t give a hoot about 6.7% unemployment as many of them are going to find work very hard to find.

Here’s just a small list of layoffs I found and again, not all are big, but they add up and mean hard times for those it’s affecting.

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The list goes on and on with dozens and dozens of smaller companies announcing layoffs of less than 50.

December’s unemployment report stated that there were only 74,000 jobs added to the market for that month.  This list documents over 10,000 jobs being cut and this is just the tip of the layoff iceberg.  If I had more time to keep digging, I bet I could easily come close to finding as many Americans being laid off as the Obama administration’s new jobs figure.

Mind you this is also not taking into account the number of workers having their hours cut.  My son-in-law was just told on Friday that everyone in his division is being cut from 10 days per 2 week pay period to 9 days.  Like many other Americans, they are going to be hard pressed to be able to make ends meet and still put food on the table with a 10% cut in pay.

I honestly believe that the December unemployment figure of 6.7% was created to make Obama look like he was finally doing something right take the attention away from his many other failures and scandals.  The 6.7% has nothing to do with reality, but then Barack Obama has never dealt with reality, has he?

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