Leading Dem. Candidate for Pres., Kamala Harris, Falsely Claims India Oldest Democracy in the World’

California Democrat Senator Kamala Harris is considered a leading candidate for president for the Democrats in 2020, but apparently she doesn’t know much about American or world history.

Harris recently proved her historical ignorance after being asked a question about her heritage. Harris is part Indian (the country, not the American natives), and left-wing reporter Jonathan Capehart wondered how her heritage affected her political outlook.

“You know, India is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, democracy in the world,” Harris happily replied.

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Well, that’s news, huh? India, which was under the thumb of Britain only a short time ago, is an “older democracy” than the U.S.A.?

Uh… no. Not even close.

As the Free Beacon reports:

The statement has no basis in fact. The Republic of India wasn’t established as a democracy until 1950 after it won independence from Great Britain. Its first democratic election, which took several months to conduct, was not completed until February 1952, just under 67 years ago.

Hmmmm. OK, so what IS the oldest democracy in the world?

The world’s longest surviving democracy is actually the United States, which ratified its Constitution more than two centuries ago in 1788 and has held continuous elections ever since.

Now, let’s think about what this means.

Kamala Harris imagines herself to be a proud, proud Indian-American.

Yet, she does not know that India was not a democracy until 60-some years ago?

Worse, she does not know that America has been a democracy longer than any other nation in existence today?

So, despite being a purportedly proud citizen of both India and the U.S., she knows nothing about either nation.

This is the person the Democrats want to run for president.

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