Left Chokes on God as Dems Complete Transformation Into the Anti-Family Party

“This campaign is not going to turn on gay marriage. This campaign is going to turn on who has the best ideas for the economy,” Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker said.

He is both right and wrong in the space of two sentences. The way things shaped up over the weekend, it’s looking like this election, more than any other in recent memory, is going to be a referendum on belief in God.

On the same day that Mitt Romney announced Paul Ryan as his vice presidential pick, the Democratic Party completed its metamorphosis into the Anti-Family Party by officially adopting a gay-marriage plank in its platform.

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With more than 1,300 black pastors allied against King Obama because of his stance supporting gay marriage, the Democratic Party’s platform committee on Saturday adopted the plank to support “marriage equality” while seeking repeal of the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman.

As an afterthought, the committee included a sentence that says, “We also support the freedom of churches and religious entities to decide how to administer marriage as a religious sacrament without government interference.” If gay marriage becomes the law of the land, count on that sentiment being the first thing tossed out the window.

What the Democratic Party committee has just done, of course, is secure the opposition of any Christian or Jew who takes the Bible and the future of this country seriously.

“The time has come for a broad-based assault against the powers that be that want to change our culture to one of men marrying men and women marrying women,” said the Rev. William Owens recently at the National Press Club. “I am ashamed that the first black president chose this road, a disgraceful road.”

Despite announcing that his organization, the Coalition of African-American Pastors, was opposing Obama in the middle of the media’s favorite lunch spot, the MSM have barely covered the story. When they have, it’s mostly been to question Owens’ involvement in the Civil Rights Movement and allege that his group has — brace for it — strong conservative ties.

The Left has good reason to be extra squirrely these days.

With Paul Ryan’s naming as the GOP vice presidential pick, it’s like an adult suddenly entered the room while the liberal toddlers were running around bouncing on the furniture and breaking stuff.

“Our rights come from nature and God, not from government,” Ryan said in his introductory speech, drawing huge applause.

On MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell‘s head practically spun all the way around as she turned 12 different shades of green.

“This is a base election. This is not a pick for suburban moms, this is not a pick for women,” Mitchell choked, her voice noticeably  cracking.

If by “suburban moms” Mitchell means anorexic left-wing harridans, then she’s probably correct, but most moms I know can appreciate a man of Ryan’s caliber.

The Left’s response to Ryan’s selection was predictable. After the sputtering and spit takes stopped, they immediately fired up the “he’ll take away a woman’s right to choose” meme, by which they are acknowledging that Ryan takes his Communion at church, not the local Planned Parenthood clinic.

The Democrats support prolific sex, free condoms for children, marriage penalties for those on public assistance, abortion on demand up to (and sometimes beyond) the last second, sodomy-based “marriage” and the end of inheritance.

The GOP supports the biblical ideal of one-man, one-woman marriage for the raising of children into responsible individuals.

The Democrats believe you get your rights from government, which means they are limited by and can be taken away by whomever is in power.

The GOP believes rights are unalienable and come from the Creator of the Universe.

The Democrats believe that the economy should be controlled, taxed and squeezed into submission by government, and that bureaucrats should decide what is produced, how much and what you can earn.

Republicans believe in reducing government controls so that you are free to earn and innovate and contribute to the economy to the best of your ability.

Democrats believe in punishing the “1 percent” and anyone deemed “rich” by stealing their money and using it on wasteful government programs.

Republicans believe we can all be in the “1 percent” if we work hard, because free-market capitalism floats all boats.

Ultimately, this race will come down to “what do you believe?”

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