Left Silent When Angry Gay, Black Man Shoots Straight Whites on Live TV

We know it’s the gun’s fault whenever a shooting makes the news. That’s the narrative of the Left, and they’re sticking to it.

President Obama reiterated the anti-gun message when asked about the shooting Wednesday of two young, straight, white journalists by an angry gay, African-American former journalist on live television in Virginia.

“It breaks my heart every time you read or hear about these kinds of incidents,” Obama said. “What we know is that the number of people who die from gun-related incidents around this country dwarfs any deaths that happen through terrorism.”

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Hillary Clinton also jumped on the gun violence bandwagon when she said, “I feel just great heartache at what happened. I want to reiterate how important it is we not let yet another terrible instance go by without trying to do something more to prevent this terrible killing that is stalking our country.”

“Let’s do something” — it’s the perpetual cry of the Progressive eager to douse individual freedoms in the name of the collective good.

White House spokesmonkey Josh Earnest also laid out the gun control message: “This is another example of gun violence that has becoming all-too-common in communities large and small. And while there is no piece of legislation that can end all violence in this country, there are some common sense things that only Congress can do that we know will have a tangible impact on reducing gun violence in this country.”

(One of those common sense things would be to allow, even require, all grownups capable of handling a gun to own one, maintain it, practice in its use, and carry it in public. But that won’t happen under the modern regime.)

Really? Two people murdered on live television, one more wounded, the killer dead by his own hand, families and co-workers grieving, and the bright lights of the Democrat brain trust stop to score points on their anti-gun agenda — while also, in the case of Obama, downplaying (presumably Muslim) terrorism?

How about “our prayers are with the families of the victims”? Is that so hard?

Apparently it is.

Even more unlikely is the Left taking any responsibility for creating the environment of Balkanized racial, ethnic and political hatred that is smothering our once-great country.

Uncontrolled illegal immigration; siding with black criminals against police; standing benevolently by as mobs loot Ferguson, Baltimore, New York and other cities; pitting blacks and Latinos against whites; cramming gay marriage down people’s throats; trampling on religious rights; even concocting a phony “war on women” — it all adds up to a nation of fractured sub-nations, each staking claim to being the most persecuted.

And if, as we are told by the same manipulators, we Average Joes deserve to be punished simply for turning on our cars and churning out CO2 that allegedly creates an atmosphere that contributes to global warming, shouldn’t the Left be held accountable for creating the poisonous social atmosphere that is destroying our country and encouraging fragile minds like that of Wednesday’s shooter to adopt a path of violence?


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