Left-Media In Tears as Mueller Report Fails to Indict Trump, Family, Inner Circle

As we reported earlier, the Robert Mueller investigation into “Russia Collusion” is over and it has not only found no collusion, but the final report will not ask for any more indictments or prosecutions. And now the media has broken out into sobs of regret that they vested all their hopes for the destruction of Trump in this report that ultimately does nothing at all.

We don’t yet know what is in the final report, but the fact that we already know that no new indictments are recommended by the report, that tells us that Mueller has no proof that there was any “collusion” between Trump and Russia.

It also means that neither Trump, nor his sons, nor anyone in his inner circle will be prosecuted as a result of this report. And with that truth ringing in their ears, members of the media are losing their minds in vitriol.

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Take leftist loon Rachel Maddow, for instance. She was on the verge of tears when she began reading the teleprompter informing her of the Mueller report details.

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Maddow was so desperate for the Mueller report to be good news that she appeared on the air during her vacation time.

“A couple of hours ago, or maybe even less than that, I was standing knee-deep in a trout stream in Tennessee,” Maddow said on Friday evening. “But now it’s Mueller time! And so I’m in a studio in the great state of Tennessee. The trout are basically just as safe as they were when I was flailing away at them ineffectually this afternoon.”

But even as she was on the verge of tears during her report, she still jumped to Twitter to prove how delusional she is by saying that the Mueller report isn’t the end of the Russia investigation, but just the beginning.

Sorry, loser. You lost. You vested your hopes and dreams in Mueller for the downfall of Trump and Mueller failed you.

MSNBC’s spittle-specked Chris Matthews was outraged when he was forced to report that Muller was delivering a giant nothing burger. Matthews was furious that neither Trump, his children, nor his “henchmen” would face any further indictments.

“Maybe he missed the boat here,” Matthews blabbered of Mueller. “Because we know about the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016, we know about the meeting at the cigar bar with Kilimnik [Konstantin Kilimnik, a Russian political consultant]. My God, we know about all of those meetings with Kislyak [Sergey Kislyak, a Russian diplomat] at the Republican convention in Cleveland. All these dots we’re now to believe don’t connect.”

Matthews went on in slobbering fury wondering why Mueller never interrogated Trump.

“Why was there never an interrogation of this president? We were told for weeks by experts, ‘You cannot deal with an obstruction-of-justice charge or investigation without getting the motive. … How could they let Trump off the hook?” Matthews cried. “He will not be charged with obstruction of justice or collusion without having to sit down with the Special Counsel Mueller and answer his damn questions. How could that happen?”

Biased CNN activist Jim Acosta was down in the mouth about how gleeful the White House is over the report.

“I talked to a Trump campaign adviser earlier this evening who said, ‘This was a great day for America, and we won,'” Acosta told CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. “That’s how they feel right now.”

Hatemonger “comedian” Bill Maher was just as discouraged. He then lashed out at the Democrats for getting everyone’s hopes up.

“Did the Democrats put too must trust in the Mueller report? Because I don’t need the Mueller report to know he’s a traitor. I have a TV,” Maker said.

The left will have more to lament as we find out more of what is in the report. But don’t expect them to take the truth and report it straight. They will still continue to lie about Trump.

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