Left Resorts to Cussing Kids in Fight Against Trump

If you’ve ever tried to argue with a liberal, the conversation likely got to the point where they ignored your most cogent, well-reasoned argument and started trying to just bully you into surrendering to their most outlandish notions.

That pattern is once again apparent in a video produced by a left-wing group calling itself Deport Racism. The PAC’s video features some cute kids cussing like sailors at Donald Trump.

“F*** you, racist f***,” says a boy who introduces himself as Ricardo.

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The little girl in the video also has a potty mouth as she calls Trump a “racist d***.”

It’s reminiscent of an allegedly feminist video produced about a year ago that featured a bunch of little girls dressed as princesses repeatedly using the word “f***” as they ranted about various feminist myths and sexism.

Deport Racism isn’t interested in anything like a rational debate. It’s whole modus operandi so far is intimidation, like so many other leftist organizations. Another of the group’s “education” efforts involves offering to pay $5,000 to anyone who can sneak into the audience of Saturday Night Live this week during Trump’s appearance and yell “deport racism” or “Trump is a racist.”

The video specifically mentions anchor babies, the practice of pregnant women coming here to give birth to their children, who are then citizens of the United States under the Constitution and provide legal protection for parents who came here illegally, as well as any siblings.

The kids in the video express anger over the term, which is understandable on one level because no one likes to be labeled. But you’d think if the people represented by Deport Racism are so damn proud of being in this country illegally, they’d be proud of how they managed it.


The truth is, illegal immigrants and their children are a huge problem for this country as they slowly change the culture. Illegal immigrants aren’t usually from the more educated segments of foreign countries’ societies, and they bring with them by definition an attitude of lawlessness, unwillingness to acclimate and general lack of respect for the existing society. With that comes a lot of crime and dependency on government benefits.

The Left wants to avoid any discussion of such things for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the potential monetary and political profit in exploiting immigrant families and their kids.

To that end, our government has allowed a growing illegal immigration problem to fester for decades, and under President Obama, there is virtually no border and he has allowed a flood of foreigners into the country with little or no controls over who they are, where they are going or their activities once they get settled.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, more than 81,000 unaccompanied minors have been placed in communities around the country in just the past two years. That’s just children who wandered across the border without an adult; it doesn’t count kids who made the journey with relatives or guardians, nor does it county children born in this country to illegal immigrant parents.

Most of the unaccompanied children caught by the Border Patrol are not from Mexico but from countries farther south. That’s a long walk for kids on their own, lending fuel to the claims of human trafficking rings that the governments of several countries are not doing anything about.

At present, there are probably around 12 million illegal immigrants in the country, far surpassing the number of citizens who are officially unemployed. That number doesn’t include millions who have simply given up looking for work.

Trump’s campaign for the presidency has gained momentum because he presents himself as politically incorrect and willing to speak plainly about the immigration problem. The Left has no answer for the real problems caused by people sneaking across the border, and it desperately wants the flood to continue.

So we get videos of cussing kids.

I happen to think that Trump is a showboat and his campaign will collapse on itself of its own accord before we hit the election, but for now he’s on top.

He’s there because voters are sick of immigration issues being ignored or glossed over, and sure won’t appreciate being bullied by the Left. If anything, this video is likely to backfire and get more people to look at Trump as presidential material.

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