Left Uses Cussing ‘Jesus’ to Push Abortion Agenda

Warning: Frank language.

As pro-life marchers bore icy weather in Washington, D.C., to commemorate the 40 years since the Supreme Court made its landmark Roe v. Wade decision, the Left was churning out new pro-abortion propaganda, even invoking Jesus to support their cause.

It’s been remarked upon by many writers that liberalism is a religion and abortion is its sacrament. So it’s probably not a surprise that pro-abortion groups would try to make it look like Jesus is on their side.

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One of the Left’s favorite harridans, Sarah Silverman, has taped a “public service announcement” that features a cussing “Jesus Christ” who watches “CSI” and conveniently explains to Silverman that “fertilized eggs aren’t people, people are people.”

Her announcement then goes on to explain how religion is being misused to keep women from aborting their children, and how terrible it is that some states might require a woman to undergo an ultrasound before an abortion.

Then she engages in some reductio ad absurdum by suggesting that because sperm are alive they must be protected by forcing men to have a camera inserted in their penises to view the sperm before they can masturbate.

Liberals naturally want to invoke Jesus’ name in the cause of Moloch because they think they can “out-religion” Christians and somehow fool the faithful into supporting abortion.

Their protests about separation of church and state, about “religion” being misused to pass laws against abortion ring hollow because they have no more respect or understanding of religion than they do the Constitution.

Expecting wisdom or even simple logic from the Left is a vain pursuit.

Consider the complaint about requiring a woman to have an ultrasound before undergoing an abortion. The Left says it’s invasive and cruel, but how is inserting an ultrasound probe any more invasive than the procedure of abortion itself? And the ultrasound will let a woman see what she’s carrying so that she can make an informed decision, also known as a “choice.” The Left wants women to remain ignorant because an ultrasound will show that the “fetus” is actually a developing human being.

Which brings us to the “fertilized eggs aren’t people” argument. The Left doesn’t want anyone to think too much about when human life begins because the fact that it begins at conception is the most logical conclusion. Fertilized eggs ARE people — people at their earliest, most vulnerable stage of development. Find the human being who didn’t start life as a fertilized egg and I’ll admit to being wrong on this point.

The so-called “moral” case for abortion is empty and relies on ignorance.

But it also appeals to vanity. President Obama’s statement that Roe v. Wade made women “free” is typical of the Left, claiming its concern is about women and their health, when its real interest is controlling the breeding of “undesirable” populations and making money from it.

The Left wants women — especially poor, black and Latina women — to be proud and full of self-importance, but it just doesn’t want them to reproduce. Obama may think abortion frees women, but I can easily think of 27.5 million women who would disagree with him if they could, if they hadn’t been killed before they could draw a breath.

The Left’s notion of feminism promotes shallowness, vanity and loose morals among women rather than the inherent beauty and sanctity of motherhood, and the sublime wisdom of real femininity.

Propaganda about a “war on women” aside, it is the Left that seeks to reduce women to whores and sex objects, so it’s fitting that Silverman’s public service announcement is sponsored by something called Lady Parts Justice, whose slogan is “V to Shining V.” To the Left, a woman is just a vagina, not a person, just as a baby is an inconvenient lump of tissue, not a human being.

If liberals would like a more realistic spokesman than Jesus for their cause, might I suggest Gollum, from the works of Tolkien? I can see it now: “Fertilized eggses are not people. No, precious. Eggses are nasty. The precious is most important.”

Abortion has cost the country too much. Americans need to see through the Left’s amoral nonsense. The real Jesus is waiting for us.

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