Left-Wing Radicals Looking for Confrontation at Republican Convention

Tampa, Florida, is buzzing with preparations for the Republican National Convention amid threats from every variety of Left-Wing radical and even a possible hurricane.

Tampa police were busy cleaning up caches of suspicious objects like bricks and pipes, chasing down leads on threats from an assortment of radical groups and trying to ensure security as Hurricane Isaac loomed at sea.

Although by Friday it appeared that Isaac would not be a huge threat, the threat of violence appeared to be real.

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According to information on the Occupy RNC website, protesters seem to be preparing for a “war.” Security teams will try to limit protests to controlled areas, but the Internet is expanding troublemakers’ potential.

A map was posted online that featured hotels, private addresses and other information about conservatives in Tampa. The map at ResistRNC.org includes interactive updates on police and barricade locations, arrest reports as well as locations of “Institutions of Slavery” (that’s lib-talk for “banks”) and “Industries of Injustice” (defense contractors, police and the local Fox News station).

The FBI has warned law enforcement to be prepared for radical groups blockading bridges and using acid bombs and Molotov cocktails.

The list of potential Left-Wing terrorists is as long as your arm, starting with the “peace-loving” Occupy Wall Street, which is led by an alliance of communist and socialist groups, including the American Nazi Party (yes liberals, the Nazis are your guys), and going all the way down to Veterans for Peace, Dream defenders, Code Pink, United National Antiwar Coalition and most of the population of Berkeley, California.

On the official end of things, the ACLU is working its usual magic to try to limit the authority of the police to control protesters, with the help of some funding from George Soros, according to The Blaze.

And all of this is just what’s happening outside the convention center.

One way or another, it should be a heck of a convention.

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