Leftist Elitist Says Conservatives Should Admire Elites and You’re An Idiot if You Don’t

New York Times columnist Bret Stephens wrote an article that was published on Independence Day where he described Donald Trump’s supporters as “idiots” who should “admire” elites. Of course, Stephens is one of the elites we should admire otherwise how would we know who to support if he weren’t elitist enough to tell us?

Stephens whined that conservatives “demonize” and do not “admire” elites who are “educated” and care about things like “culture” and the “cultivation of the human soul.” (Breitbart)

You’ve got to be kidding me. How much education does a person need to figure out a government can’t spend more than it has, that people can’t change their sex or race by an act of the will, and killing unborn babies is a grave moral evil? How do any of these elitist claims cultivate the human soul?

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We should bow down to elites who tell us that paying people who do not work will alleviate poverty and subsidizing women who have babies outside of marriage will strengthen the family?

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Have you ever watched a “Gay Pride” parade? Now that’s culture! How about a play where a Trump look-alike is savagely killed on stage? I know, high culture is Kathy Griffin holding up a bloody severed head of President Trump. It’s ok because she’s a gifted elitist comedian. We conservative peons aren’t sophisticated enough to understand the humor in all of it. We had to wait until a worshiper of leftist elites tried to murder GOP congressmen at a baseball practice to find out why it’s all so funny.

There was the “Piss Christ.” Now, that was the cultivation of the human soul as well as a Robert Mapplethorpe photograph of a bullwhip plunged into his rectum, funded by elites with money confiscated from the less cultivated “idiots” who don’t know high-class art when they see it. Mapplethorpe died at the age of 42 due to complications from HIV/AIDS, the disease of some of our nation’s greatest “elites.” Yes, one man sticking his penis in another man “where the sun don’t shine” is the height of cultural sophistication. Who would know this unless there were people like Bret Stephens to tell us?

It was the elites that got us into the quagmire of Iraq and Afghanistan. Let’s not forget Vietnam where more than 50,000 Americans came home in body bags. For what? Who got us into these wars? “By 1965, the fate of Kennedy’s pragmatism was sealed in the jungles of Vietnam, as David Halberstam’s The Best and the Brightest (1972), has chronicled so effectively.”1 JFK was a graduate of Harvard. You can’t get any more elitist than that. It was the elites that planned and ran the war assuring the uncultured who were drafted to fight the war that victory was assured at minimal cost but at great expense.

Read the rest of the article at GaryDeMar.com

  1. Gary North, “Editor’s Introduction,” Journal of Christian Reconstruction, Symposium on Satanism 1:2 (Winter 1974), 8. []
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