Leftist Protest Against Wall Street: The War of the Parasites

Not that we ever expected leftist and liberal crowds to demonstrate any wisdom, discernment, understanding, or any intellectual capacity whatsoever. The very leftist ideology requires that person that accepts it is devoid of any logical reasoning whatsoever unless he is part of the leftist elite. But the “Occupy Wall Street” campaign beats all records of collective stupidity this nation has seen in its history.

A couple hundred leftist protesters have established a camp on Wall Street, protesting against . . . well, against something, the bankers, the global warming, and against the Solar System. Whatever it is they are protesting against, it is Wall Street’s fault. Of course it is, it can’t be otherwise. These guys on Wall Street, they are dressed in suits, they have jobs, and they have desks where they work. This must make them guilty by default, right? Most of the protesters are either unemployed or college students living off their parents’ money. Whatever their goal is, they are convinced that the world is a bad place and Wall Street is guilty.

Judging by the fuzzy anti-capitalist rhetoric, the protesters must be of the same crowd that voted for Obama in 2008 – he was the candidate using all that “kill the rich” propaganda, and continues to use it.

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But. . . .

Isn’t Wall Street where Barack Obama got most of his donations for his 2008 campaign? And isn’t Obama now begging that same Wall Street for donations for his 2012 campaign?

Hmmm. . . .

If it seems to you there isn’t much brain in what the leftist protesters are doing, that’s because there isn’t. Leftists are protesting against the major donor of their own candidate.

The truth that leftist brains can’t comprehend is that Wall Street is not the right-wing, capitalist, free market institution they imagine. Long ago it was bought by the fake money of the Federal Reserve, and it is now nothing else but the financial arm of the big government. Wall Street depends on the Federal government to exist, it depends on the Federal institutions to maintain its monopoly on managing securities and investments; and it depends on the fiat dollars that the Fed prints to sustain it. Throughout the years, Wall Street’s investments have consistently performed worse than sound money (gold, for example) but the delusion of growth has been maintained by the expansion of the money supply. By participating in the government inflationary schemes, Wall Street has aided the socialists Federal governments in Washington DC cheat the working Americans out of their money and their savings.

In other words, Wall Street is just another welfare parasite on the back of the American people – not different than the very “protesters” against it. What we see in New York is a group of leftist fools protesting against a group of leftist scoundrels. They are all leftist; and they all feed off the American working middle class, the majority of Americans who make a living by selling their services to customers, not waiting for government handouts. Parasites against parasites. Both supporting the same leftist candidates, whether with their votes or with their money.

The Left is a house divided against itself. It is still holding out because there is still loot to be distributed, taken from the productive citizens in this country. Not for long. Eventually the host gets tired of the parasites, and either kills them, or dies under them; and then the parasites die too.

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