Legal Immigrant Understands Second Amendment Better Than Most Americans

In the past month, there has been a great deal of debate over gun control and the push by the Obama administration and other Democrats to disarm the American people.  Emotions have been running high on both sides of the issue.  Many involved with one side or the other are so wrapped up in the debate they fail listen to what others are saying.

But one man, Henson Ong, sat before a seemingly hostile gun prevention hearing in Hartford, Connecticut and delivered perhaps one of the best short pieces on the preservation of the Second Amendment and gun ownership than anyone else I’ve heard lately.  What’s even more powerful is that Ong is a legal immigrant who said that he is an American by choice.

Ong just didn’t spout an emotional tirade against the anti-gun people.  Instead, he used American history, American court cases and laws as the basis for his argument against more gun control and the banning of assault-style weapons.  He spoke about how some of America’s high schools had rifle teams, how boy scouts had marksmen merit badges, rifles could be purchased at hardware stores and mail order.  Yet with ammunition being readily available, during these times, the nation did not have mass shootings at schools like we have today.

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So he asks the question, what changed?

Ong says it was not the availability of guns that changed, but what changed was societal decay. He stated that if gun control worked that Chicago and Washington DC would be the safest cities in the nation, but they have the toughest gun laws and highest crime and murder rates.  He then challenged the idea that assault-style rifles are weapons of mass destruction by quoting government documents to the contrary.

Listen to his words:

In so many other facets of American culture, the people that have come here from other countries often have a better understanding of what America is all about and what our Founding Fathers meant it to be than those of us that were born here.  Some of them like Henson Ong, believe so strongly in America that they take the time to learn our history and our laws and rights, because they didn’t have those rights in their homelands.

If you understand the issue like Ong, that it is not about guns, but about political agendas designed to rid us of our rights and guns, then forward this on to all of your politicians and urge them to listen to Ong’s words of wisdom and fight Obama and the liberal Democrats from stealing our rights and our guns.

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