Legalization of Euthanasia Being Pushed in Canada

For a number of years now, the state of Oregon has legalized doctor assisted euthanasia for terminally ill patients.  Many people, including myself, belief that suicide in any form is still murder and anyone assisting in the commission of the act should be charged with murder as well.

Now a group in Canada is trying to push through a new national law that would take legalized suicide a giant leap ahead of what Oregon has.

The Royal Society of Canada appointed a team of researchers and experts to investigate the arena of ‘end-of-life’ care.  The team of researchers was selected by Jocelyn Downie, who just so happens to have published articles in favor of euthanasia.  So would it be any surprise to you that the men and women she selected to be on this commission are also known supporters of euthanasia?  This is the same as President Obama appointing a supposedly non-biased group of people to the Department of Justice, when we all know how radically biased and socialistic Holder and the rest are.

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They’ve completed their so-called unbiased study and have put forth a recommendation that the definition of homicide be redefined.  They are proposing that any patient requesting a doctor to assist them with suicide do so, providing the doctor deems the patient mentally competent to make the decision.  This does not just apply to anyone with a terminal illness, but for anyone who may be depressed or just tired of living and wants to end it all.

In other words, if I was just fed up with everything and wanted anyone, not just a doctor, but anyone, to assist me in committing suicide, that as long as I was ruled mentally competent, that neither the person assisting me or I (if for some reason I should survive the attempt) be charged with homicide or attempted homicide.

I can just see it now.  People will be murdered left and right and the killer will get off free because the person just happened to leave a note stating that they wanted to commit suicide and asked Jim Bob to help them do it.

First unborn babies are legally murdered in the womb and now they want to make assisted suicide for any reason legal.  Next it will be legal to euthanize people with mental and physical handicaps, then the elderly just because their old.  Then they’ll make it legal to euthanize your child if you don’t want them anymore, and I’m talking about children already born and going to school.  Before you know it, there’ll be death camps like Hitler had.

I live in constant pain.  I’m unable to do very much physically and I find life to be quite difficult at times.  And as a Christian, I so look forward to the new body promised me when I die.  No more pain or suffering.  Ahh, that sounds like heaven to me.  I also look forward to the day when I find myself in the presence of my Creator, Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  But I also know that life is sacred and that God still has me here for a purpose.

To take my life or assist anyone else taking theirs is wrong.  It is a sin before God and a crime against humanity.  I pray that Jim Ross and the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition is successful in blocking the actions of Downie and her murderous horde and reveal their ultra biased report for what it is and that Canada refuses to legalize euthanasia.

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