Legally Purchasing Gun in DC More Difficult Than Getting Bi-Partisan Cooperation in Congress

Emily Miller is a writer for the Washington Times.  Over the 2010 New Year Holiday, she was house sitting for some friends while they were on vacation.  The house was located at the end of a cul de sac in a fairly wooded area.  On New Year’s Day, Emily was returning to the house after walking the friend’s golden retriever, when she saw a man coming from house.  He tried to tell her that he was the pool guy, but she didn’t buy his story.  She went into the house, picked up her Blackberry and went outside to try to get a picture of the guy and was surprised when she saw a group of fifteen men climbing into 2 pickup trucks.  She tried to get a picture of the men and the license plates but the man she had encountered moments earlier blocked her view, asked what she was doing.  That was when Emily got scared and returned to the house.

She recounts that she barely slept that night even after sliding a set of dresser drawers against the door.  As she lay in bed that night, too scared to sleep, she kept thinking to herself that she would feel much safer if she had a gun next to the bed in case any or all of the men returned.

The next day she got a phone call from one of her credit card companies about suspicious activity on her card.  When she checked, she discovered that her credit cards and money were missing for her wallet.  Even though Emily had never contemplated owning a gun, she was now more determined than ever to get one so she set off on what turned out to be a bureaucratic obstacle course in her quest to legally purchase a gun in Washington DC.

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It took Emily four months and cost her $465 in fees to finally obtain a permit to own a gun in the nation’s capital.  To read her entire saga, start at Emily gets her gun and follow each link to the next episode in her adventure in bureaucracy.

Even though the US Supreme Court ruled against DC’s ban on guns, they have made it near impossible for anyone to obtain one legally.  Their process is so wrapped in red tape, fees and restrictions that there are only about 250 guns purchased per year in DC since the 2008 Supreme Court ruling while gun sales are soaring everywhere else.

Not only do they have the strictest gun laws in the entire nation, they have one of the highest violent crime rates in the nation.  Strict gun laws or even gun bans have never stopped the criminal element from obtaining them.  The only thing these anti-Second Amendment laws do is prevent law abiding citizens like Emily Miller from being able to protect themselves or even feel safe in their own homes.

The bottom line is that the home of our nation’s government and Constitution is also the place that fights the hardest against that Constitution and the rights it gives American citizens.

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