Legendary Football Coach Lou Holtz Takes on NFL Protests and the Age of Trump

Hall of Fame college football coach Lou Holtz, who led some of Notre Dame’s greatest modern teams, celebrated his 81st birthday by making an appearance on Fox & Friends to talk about the NFL protests and America’s modern culture.

In his own indomitable style, Holtz breaks down the situation as accurately, sensitively, and wisely as anyone ever could. In fact, maybe if we all stepped back and looked at the situation the way that Holtz’ does… our nation, and our world, would be a better place.

“As I used to say to our football team all the time and I say this about this country: We aren’t where we want to be, we aren’t where we ought to be, we aren’t where we should be, we aren’t where we’re going to be, but thank god we aren’t where we used to be. There are some things wrong but we have also done an awful lot of the good things,” Holtz told the Fox News morning show.


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