Lena Dunham Cries Wolf For Attention on Twitter

Lena Dunham is famously known for molesting her younger sister and then writing about it in a memoir.

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She tried to blame the right for “twisting her words” but to no avail. They are printed in ink. Perhaps she should have thought of the backlash before she wrote it, or better yet, before she did it.

Dunham is out looking for attention again on Twitter. She wrote to American Airlines about two of their employees that she allegedly “overheard” speaking transphobically. Ironically enough, she was not flying with them, but rather Delta, and had no proof of such a conversation ever taking place.

She tweeted out to them on Thursday about the private conversation she supposedly heard. She wrote in a direct message, “I think it reflects badly on uniformed employees of your company to have that kind of dialogue going on. What if a trans teen was walking behind them? Awareness starts at home but jobs can set standards of practice.” Then posted a screen shot for her followers.


American Airlines said that they were “looking into the allegations.”

They said in a statement, “From the team members we hire to the customers we serve, inclusion and diversity is a way of life at American Airlines,” the airline continued,  “Every day, our team members work to make American a place where people of all generations, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, religious affiliations and backgrounds feel welcome and valued.”

Breitbart reports:

However, an airline spokesperson told Fox News Friday that the company was not yet able to find any evidence of wrong-doing.

“We always look into complaints from customers, but at this time, we are unable to substantiate these allegations,” the spokesperson said.

According to ABC News, Dunham appeared to have taken a flight on Delta Air Lines out of Terminal 4 at JFK airport in New York. American Airlines reportedly operates out of the airport’s Terminal 8.

On Friday she tweeted, “For those who followed my airport saga yesterday, here’s my takeaway: these days it’s the little things. A smile. Offering a seat. Respect.”

Then she also tweeted, “We can’t afford to treat each other like cattle when we have a government that does,” before deleting it.

American’s pushback against Dunham’s claim is at least the second time in one month that the actress has been publicly challenged over a story she told on social media.

In July, a Brooklyn animal shelter disputed Dunham’s claim that her dog Lamby, whom she had sent to a treatment facility, had been abused from an early age by multiple owners. A representative for the shelter told Yahoo in an interview that they “did not know where she got” the claim from.

So once again, Lena cries wolf for attention.


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