Lesbian Waitress Faked Discrimination To Collect Thousands Of Dollars From Sympathizers

Many gays and lesbians seem to go out of their way to generate discrimination against their sinful lifestyle in order to push their agenda and get preferential treatment.  We’ve seen a growing number of incidents where homosexuals target Christian businesses and then immediately file lawsuits against the Christians operating their business according to their faith.  There are always an abundance of bakeries, florists, photographers that would be more than happy to do business with homosexuals, so why pick one that is obviously Christian?

But what one lesbian has done sinks to the lowest of the lows to generate gay discrimination.  Dayna Morales is a waitress at the Gallup Asian Bistro restaurant.  Earlier this month, she posted a photo of a customer receipt on her Facebook page.  The photo showed a line through the tip and a handwritten message that read:

“I’m sorry, but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle.”

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Along with the photo, Morales posted:

“I am thoroughly offended, mad, p***ed off and hurt that this is what her kids will grow up learning and that I served in the Marines to keep ignorant people like them free.”

Morales post soon went viral and was picked up by a number of news networks.  She began receiving donations of thousands of dollars from all over the world.  The post caught the attention of a couple that live in Bridgewater, New Jersey.  It seems that the receipt that Morales posted online looked very familiar, so they looked through their receipts and found their copy of the same receipt.  When they compared it to the Morales post, the date and amounts were the same.  There was one glowing difference between their copy and the post.  The tip had not been lined out and there was no handwritten note on the receipt.  When they checked their Visa statement, it showed that full amount including the $18 tip had been charged to their card.

The couple contacted a local news agency with their receipt and copy of their Visa statement.  They also showed WNBC that Morales’ name was on the top of their receipt.  They did not want to be identified, but said that Morales Facebook post was upsetting to them because it was all fake.  They said that they recall talking to Morales about the name ‘Dan’, but also said that they have nothing against homosexuality and would never write anything like that and in fact, the handwriting on the receipt does not look anything like the husband’s or wife’s.  In their interview, the wife stated:

“I said, … ‘She’s doctored up our check!’”

The husband added that he is upset because Morales and possibly the restaurant is profiting from this fabrication, saying:

“The restaurant’s profiting from this; obviously Dana’s profiting from this.  It’s a fraud. It’s a scam.”

To which his wife added:

“[I]t’s a shame and dishonorable.”

Even after the couple have produced their copy of the receipt and their Visa statement proving the tip had been paid, Morales continues to stand behind her story and continues to receive thousands of dollars from gay sympathizers.  One lady donated $3,000.  The restaurant says they have launched an internal investigation into the matter, but until the issue is resolved, Morales continues to work and wait on tables.  The couple says that they have eaten at the restaurant a number of times, but they don’t plan on returning anytime soon.

Shortly after this story went public, Morales’s friends and co-workers have come forward with reports that she has a long history of lying and carrying out fraudulent claims to get attention and money from others.  Her former lesbian partner, Samantha Reidy told the news:

“She lies about everything.”

Her co-workers told her of Morales shaving her head, claiming she was preparing for surgery on a brain tumor in order to get them to do her work.  They also shared that Morales had claimed that Superstorm Sandy had blown a boat through her living room wall, but when they went to her house to see the damage, there wasn’t any.

It seems to me that Morales intentionally fabricated the whole story just to bring attention to her lesbian lifestyle and agenda.  When the money starting pouring in by the thousands, she kept the scam going.  If this is proven to be true, I hope that Morales is arrested and held accountable for her fraudulent actions and that she even face charges for purporting a false hate crime.  She needs to be locked up so she can’t steal from others with her lies and fraudulent claims.

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