Less Teen Sex but More Teen Use of Morning After Pill

What is happening among America’s teen population concerning their sexual activities?

They are being bombarded with sexual stimuli on a constant basis. More television programs having been pushing the moral boundaries of nudity and sexual references. Nudity and sex plagues many movies as well as music videos, video games, magazines and let’s not forget the internet.

Many public schools have been working with Planned Parenthood to teach sex to students of all grades. They are not only being taught basic sex education, but they are teaching kids ‘how to’ lessons on anal, homosexual and oral sex in addition to regular sexual acts. In some schools they provide free condoms and instructions on how to get the morning after pill or how to get an abortion without letting parents know.

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With all of the sexual bombardment, one would expect to see more teens having sex than ever before, but according to surveys, that’s not the case. The National Survey of Family Growth has compared results from 1988 to 2013 and found that fewer teens are reporting having sexual intercourse. Sex among female teens has dropped by 14% over the past 25 years and even more surprising is that sex among male teens has dropped by 22% over the same period.

One thing that makes those results even more of a surprise is that Obamacare made the morning after pill available to teens in 2013. The abortion inducing pill, which is what it really is, can be purchased over the counter without a doctor’s prescription and the age limit has been lowered.

According to reports, the use of the morning after pill has drastically increased from 1 of every 12 female teens in 2002 to 1 in 5 female teens in 2013. The average age of purchasers of the morning after pill is 17. It seems that this figure contradicts the supposed decrease in teen sex. I can’t help but wonder just how honest teens are about reporting their sexual activities in the surveys.

The one thing I do see among today’s teens is a lack of respect for parents, authority, themselves and each other. They are also walking away from the Christian faith of their parents by the thousands due to the liberal education and debased culture that has taken over America. Without a moral foundation, they feel they are free to try and do anything including having sex and murdering the unborn with the morning after pill.

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