Let the Recall Wars Begin

Earlier this year, the state of Wisconsin set out to try to reduce the budget deficit they were facing.  In an effort led by Republican Governor Scott Walker, the state was able to pass a law that removed many of the collective bargaining aspects of the unions for public employees.  Democrats and union loyalists fought hard and dumped tons of money into defeating the Republican effort, but to no avail.

Now since the Democrats didn’t get what they wanted, they are launching a petition campaign in Wisconsin to recall Gov. Walker.

If this is the game the Democrats want to play, then Republicans should follow suit and start recall drives against Sen Schumer of New York, Sen Reid of Nevada, Rep Pelosi from California and President Obama from Kenya.

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Republicans should launch recall drives against every state governor who refused to block Obamacare from taking effect in their state or who refused to join in on the legal challenges against it.

American citizens should launch recall drives against every politician that voted for any one of the President’s stimulus plans, especially now since we have seen little benefit from them.

The American people should launch recall drives against every politician that voted to normalize the sin of homosexuality or to allow them to marry and serve openly in the military.

The list could go on and on for page after page, but you get my idea.  The Democrats in Wisconsin are acting like a four year old throwing a temper tantrum because they didn’t get their way.  It doesn’t matter that their way will further bankrupt the state and possibly put more people out of work.  All that matters to them is that they get their way and if they can’t then they will throw their tantrum and launch their recall and I hope and pray that the residents of Wisconsin are smarter than the Dems and defeat any recall attempts made.

If this is how the Democrats want to play the game, then let the recall wars begin.

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