Liberal Couple Biking Through ISIS Territory to Prove People Are Not Evil… Get Murdered by Islamists

A pair of liberals who decided to take a bike trip through ISIS-held territory in Tajikistan were set-upon and stabbed to death by a crowd of ISIS terrorists at the end of July, we are learning.

The couple, Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan, decided to prove to stupid Americans that Muslim terrorists are just like you and me. So, they quit their jobs and planned their bicycle tour of ISIS territory.

It was a fatal… and VERY stupid… mistake.

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Daily Wire tells us the shocking tale:

Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan, 29, quit their jobs last year in order to make their trip. Austin was a vegan who worked for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development; Geoghegan, a vegetarian who worked in the Georgetown University admissions office.

Austin had a personal blog on which he wrote in June 2017, “I’ve grown tired of spending the best hours of my day in front of a glowing rectangle, of coloring the best years of my life in swaths of grey and beige. I’ve missed too many sunsets while my back was turned. Too many thunderstorms went unwatched, too many gentle breezes unnoticed.”

Their trip, which lasted 369 days, took them from the southernmost tip of Africa in Capetown, South Africa, to Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco, Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Montengro, Kosovo, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and finally Tajikistan, where they were murdered along with two other cyclists, one from Switzerland and the other from the Netherlands.

This is how stupid these people were. In a blog post made just before he was murdered by all those good, good people, Austin wrote about how the idea of “evil” is a fake concept:

You watch the news and you read the papers and you’re led to believe that the world is a big, scary place. People, the narrative goes, are not to be trusted. People are bad. People are evil. People are axe murderers and monsters and worse.

I don’t buy it. Evil is a make-believe concept we’ve invented to deal with the complexities of fellow humans holding values and beliefs and perspectives different than our own—it’s easier to dismiss an opinion as abhorrent than strive to understand it. Badness exists, sure, but even that’s quite rare. By and large, humans are kind. Self-interested sometimes, myopic sometimes, but kind. Generous and wonderful and kind. No greater revelation has come from our journey than this.


A grainy cell phone video recorded their murders, authorities say. A car is seen passing by the western bikers but just after it passed the car made a u-turn and then headed back towards the bikers. The car then ran them down and the five men inside jumped out and finished off the bikers by stabbing them to death.

The five men later boasted about “killing all unbelievers” and affirmed their membership in the terror group ISIS.

CBS noted, “ISIS followed an initial claim of responsibility in print with a video showing the five purported attackers pledging allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.”

Well. Good thing evil is just a fake concept, huh, Jay?

Folks, there is one thing universally true about mankind: people are basically evil and it is societal rules that make people behave. In ISIS territory it is considered a good thing to kill “infidels.” These liberals ended up proving exactly the opposite of what they set out to prove. But they did prove a universal truth, nonetheless.

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