Liberal Education has Turned Young Americans against the Bible

Gary DeMar, David Barton and many other Christians including myself have been raising warnings about the effects of a godless liberal education on our children. A look at today’s America pretty much sums up the effects as we see so many people who have little to no respect for life or others. All they focus on is themselves and satisfying their sinful lusts and greed.

A newly released study conducted by the Barna Group only confirms what we’ve been saying for years. Their report is broken down into 10 findings that should alarm most Christians. They are:

  1. The number of unchurched people in America would make the 8th most populous country in the world.

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    In the past decade, more people in the U.S. have become churchless than live in Australia or Canada.

  3. The vast majority of America’s churchless have attended a church.

  4. While the churchless are primarily men, the percentage of women in their ranks is on the rise.

  5. The unchurched in America tend to be less educated than the churched.

  6. The Pacific Coast is home to the largest percentage of churchless per capita.

  7. The unchurched are more likely to be unmarried.

  8. The younger a person is, the less likely he or she is to attend church.

  9. Unchurched adults are more likely to be white.

  10. The majority of the churchless in America claim Christianity as their faith.

In some areas of the US, especially in urban areas of larger cities, a number of churches have closed their doors due to a lack of attendance. These are also areas that generally have a large number of people that did not complete high school and who have liberal views on many aspects of politics, religion and life in general.

I’ve contended for years that America is following in the footsteps of Great Britain who has seen a decline in church attendance for the past 30-40 years. British churches have been turned into homes, hotels, pubs and mosques. America seems to follow about 20 years behind Great Britain in these kinds of social trends and if you want to see what America will be like in twenty more years, just take a good look at the liberalism that runs rampant through British culture.

But where and when did this trend in America start? It started in 1963 with the first of many cases that went before the US Supreme Court. Although in 1899 the Supreme Court ruled that America is a Christian nation, the court has reversed that opinion in case after case. They started out by banning prayer in school. Then it was reading the Bible and then any mention of God, the Bible, Jesus, Christianity or prayer.

It’s okay to teach Islam, the Muslim Call to Prayer and other anti-God philosophies, but they can’t teach anything that even hints at the Christian God or biblical principles. Instead, students are taught the godless religion of evolution where man is all there is and that they have no one to be accountable to except themselves. Is it any wonder we have a generation of self-centered lazy liberals that want everything handed to them on a silver platter without having to work for it themselves?

City, county, state and federal governments are spending billions of dollars on social programs in their vain attempts to solve our nation’s woes, when all they have to do is return to God, get down on their knees, repent of their sins and follow His statutes. Until that happens throughout our nation, we will continue to be a lost people trapped by our own self-centered sinful desires and lusts of the heart.

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