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Liberal Hypocrisy

To Liberals All Lives Don’t Matter, Not Even Black Lives Matter

LeBron James Should Wear a T-Shirt that Says “My Business is Being Choked to Death”

Protesting the Death of One Black Man but Not Tens of Thousands of Black Unborn Babies

Democrat Activist and Donor Indicted for Having Sex with 15-Year-Old Boy

Democrats who Opposed Keystone XL Pipeline Should Not be Allowed to Buy Gasoline

Feminists Upset About ‘Sexist’ Shirt But Not Naked Women at the Vatican

Obama’s Statement About Keystone XL Pipeline Proves He Doesn’t Know Much about Economics

According to Atheist Actress You’re Not a Human Being Until You Can Speak

Maryland Muslims Say No to Christmas in Public Schools

Outrageous Politically Incorrect Quotations from a President, Judge, and Political Commentator

Houston Mayor Annise Parker Lies About Daughter’s Driver’s License

Democrat Calls for Regulation of Internet Political Speech

Hillary Clinton says Corporations and Businesses Don’t Create Jobs

The Left’s Education Solution: Ban Private Schools

“What Do You Think Would Happen if We Burned a Koran on Tonight’s Show”?

Ben Affleck Believes Our Rights Come for “Our Forefathers”