Liberal Indifference towards Islam is “Illiberal”

“How could [liberals] not stand up against Sharia Law, which is the law in so many Muslim countries, which is the law of oppression?”

— Bill Maher


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Bill Maher has taken a lot of heat as one of the few liberals willing to acknowledge the violence and hate that is rife in worldwide Islam today. He has been disinvited to colleges, called a racist and a bigot by his supposed allies, and encouraged to become more “enlightened” on issues of Islam and race. However, all of these attacks have gone unheeded as Maher continues to press on with what he sees as so obviously true; “extremist” Islam today is ascendant and “moderate” Islam is left cowering in the shadows.

In the hours after the Muslim terrorist attack on Paris, Maher recorded his weekly show and was able to discuss the issue of a violent Islam with liberal Muslim journalist Asra Nomani. Nomani has also been disinvited from colleges and called an Islamohphobe, even though she herself is Muslim. In their short conversation on modern Islam, Nomani and Maher agree that a large portion of Muslim people around the world are being heavily influenced by the violent and backwards strain of Islam that preaches violence and hate.

“I am absolutely sure that ISIS thinks that everything they do—every horrific crime, every atrocity—is an act of justice, and an act for God. First of all, I’m not ‘demonizing,’ I’m characterizing. How did we get to this place where just describing something is demonizing, and I’m not so sure it’s a very small percentage. Maybe it’s a small percentage who carry out terrorist acts, but it’s not a small percentage who believe in some of the illiberal ideas that support terrorists.”

While I don’t think Maher and Nomani truly understand the deepest root issues with Islam, I am thankful that at least we finally have two liberals willing to recognize the very illiberal leanings of Islam today. We need more liberals to “see the light” vis–vis Islam’s cancerous effects on our world today if we hope to stand a chance against the terrorist scourge. As much as we’d like to think we could, conservatives aren’t numerous enough or loud enough to fight this fight on our own.

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