Liberal ‘Kids’ Infiltrate Los Angeles Republican Party

In an article titled “‘Liberty Kids’ shake up L.A. Republican Party, look to other states” on Yahoo, Reuters celebrates a cabal of liberals who have successfully infiltrated the Los Angeles Republican Party and begun to steer it sharply left.

The article examines a group of young so-called Republicans who eschew the conservative principles that branded the GOP in the past and instead embrace abortion, legalized pot, homosexual “marriage,” world peace, amnesty and global warming.

The self-described “Liberty Kids” are a group of twentysomethings who wormed their way into the party’s West Los Angeles Central Committee after the 2012 elections. They also hold four of seven seats on the local party governing board.

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Supporters of the “Kids” praise their energy and diversity, and Reuters clearly implies that we are to accept them as the face of the future GOP.

And the “Kids” apparently believe their own press. Twenty-six-year-old central committee Chairman Amir Zendehnam said to his audience during a meeting last week, “I want you to look around the room, because this is what the face of the Republican Party is going to look like.”

Reuters’ opinions and their own delusions of grandeur aside, the “Liberty Kids” are a prime example of why the Republican Party is going the way of the dodo.

These are not new, exciting young leaders who can lead the Republicans to the Promised Land. Rather, these are the same tired old RINOs, aged brains transferred into young clone bodies, who have brought the GOP to its knees. There is little to indicate that they may be more than Mini McCains or Baby Boehners.

The party is a little bit out of touch, and they need a fresh view of things,” said political strategist Calvin Lee, 27, who has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about despite helping to engineer the invasion of the central committee.

It’s precisely the GOP leadership’s refusal to distinguish itself from the far Left that has led many former supporters to abandon the party and often politics altogether.

And that probably feeds the skewed outlook of these young carpetbaggers. “I used to be very liberal,” Carey Wedler, 25, told Reuters before explaining her anti-war stance.

These “Kids” might not be entirely hopeless. Several of them seem to at least understand that Democrats are all about authoritarian repression. But adopting liberal stances on social issues won’t do a thing for the party or to help restore sanity to California and the rest of the country.

The Reuters article is heavy on praise for the younglings. After all, the media for years have been telling conservatives to “get with it” and promoted the absurd notion that the only way the GOP can win is by being more like Democrats.

If anything, the Reuters article leaves the impression that these “future leaders” of the GOP were brainwashed in the public school system but somehow retained just enough sense to understand intuitively that there is something deeply wrong with liberalism, even if that understanding hasn’t yet blossomed into conscious thought.

I feel sympathy for Los Angeles County Republican Chairman Mark Vafiades, who has to deal with these know-it-all children. For the sake of getting anything done, Vafiades mostly tries to keep his head down and focus on points of agreement.

The party infighting isn’t so much about the local issues — it’s about the national issues,” he said. “The Liberty Caucus is anti-military, and we have a lot in the Republican Party who are national security conservatives.”

It’s those national issues that create an uncrossable chasm between the “Kids” and true conservatives. Vafiades said several of the Liberty Caucus members are planning to propose a resolution expressing support for the Palestinian wounded in the Gaza conflict with Israel.

However, he credits the caucus with getting the L.A. branch of the party back on its feet thanks to their energy and ambition.

If the Republican leadership is going to glom on to anyone who can dial a phone or solicit a contribution, however, then there’s little hope for the Republican Party. If the leadership would instead re-embrace the party’s traditional values and publicly fight for them, the needed donations would come to the party as people disillusioned by the direction of American politics returned to the party and became active again.

That’s what leadership is about, taking a position and persuading people it is the right one, not rolling over with the winds of popular fads. It’s a lesson that the GOP’s leaders and wannabe future leaders desperately need to learn.


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