Liberal Lawyer and Academic Alan Dershowitz Explains the Danger of our Politically Correct Colleges

The famous liberal lawyer, educator and political pundit Alan Dershowitz is one of the few voices of reason on the left arguing that the culture of political correctness on college campuses is as dangerous as it is illogical. Professor Dershowitz has been waging a one-man war (from the left) on these whiny, intolerant little fascists, but thus far he’s been losing the fight. Instead of receding the vicious cycle of fascism continues to play itself out on more and more campuses across the country as the student movement for insanity continues to build. From the University of California, to the halls of Princeton, from the courtyards at Mizzou, to the dorm rooms at Columbia, the wave of irrationality and stubborn intolerance is spreading.

Over the weekend Dershowitz went to the pages of the New York Daily News to make his case against the overwhelming tide of political correctness as he argued that colleges should be the place where diversity of thought flourishes, not where it is destroyed.

“Safe spaces” rhetoric has been used by students to insulate themselves from ideas that they deem offensive. Last spring at Columbia, the Multicultural Affairs Advisory Board objected to the inclusion of material by the Roman Poet Ovid on the ground that “like so many texts in the Western Canon, it contains triggering and offensive material that marginalizes student identities in the classroom.” Last month, an event hosted by a student-group at Williams College called Uncomfortable Learning, was cancelled due to security concerns when protestors subjected organizers to severe online abuse…

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The hypocrisy of protestors demanding protection from potentially offensive ideas while simultaneously insulting and harassing people who fail to demonstrate adequate levels of enthusiasm for their agenda should be obvious to all. But too few university administrators and faculty call out these hypocritical students for their double standard…

Classrooms in particular must not become intellectually sterile environments, where ideas are subjected to censorship based on the fact that they make some students feel uncomfortable. To the contrary, universities should foster discussions of controversial ideas, subversive ideas, ideas that provoke and challenge students to question their beliefs and preconceptions. That process is central to learning and intellectual progress more generally. Safe spaces rhetoric must not be allowed to undermine it.


Read the rest of his Op-Ed at the New York Daily News

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