Liberal Lawyer Destroy Democrat Opposition to the FISA Abuse Memo

Liberal lawyer Alan Dershowitz has been a thorn in the side of Democrat Party ever since Donald Trump’s election. (As an aside, Dershowitz’s colleague Jonathan Turley has also been hammering the Democrats for abusing our legal system.)

The normally left-leaning Dershowitz has seemed to side more and more with the Trump administration because he’s intellectually honest. He’s watched the Democrats abuse their power time after time, all in an effort to undermine the Trump administration, and he’s been unwilling to let it slide.

For example, when it comes to special counsel Robert Mueller, Dershowitz believes that the entire investigation has been a politically motivated sham. He also argues that instead of a criminal investigation, Congress should have appointed a nonpartisan Independent Commission to investigate the possibility of Russian malfeasance in our recent election.

Dershowitz also decried the Democrat attempts to stop the FISA Abuse Memo from seeing the light of day.

Here he is calling for an Independent Commission:

And here he is discussing the ins and outs of the FISA Abuse memo on Fox Business:

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