Liberal Media Break Out White Sheets and Rope for Carson

Loathe as I am to consider Politico part of “the media” when they’re really just a bunch of leftist hacks, enough people read them that they actually hold some sway in our media-soaked political culture.

Which is why when they published a blatant hit piece on Ben Carson in which they outright lied to fabricate a story, it’s important to tear them a new one.

Politico on Friday tried to get in on the media lynching of Carson with an article in which they said he lied about being offered a scholarship and being accepted to West Point.

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The Politico headline and story subtly changed throughout the day, indicating the editors must have realized they had really stepped in it judging from the backlash. The original headline was “Ben Carson admits fabricating West Point scholarship.” After a day of being excoriated and laughed at, Politico changed that to “Exclusive: Carson claimed West Point ‘scholarship’ but never applied,” and included the face-saving subhead “Republican hits POLITICO story, later admits to The New York Times he wasn’t offered aid.”

You know the Politico hacks know they got caught when they cite the NYT in a headline to support their falsehoods.

They’ve also now offered this back-flipping editor’s note at the beginning of the story:

“Editor’s note: POLITICO stands by its reporting on this story, which has been updated to reflect Ben Carson’s on the record response. The original story and headline said that Carson’s campaign had admitted he “fabricated” a “full scholarship” from West Point, but now Carson denies that his campaign’s statement constituted such an admission, and the story and headline were changed to reflect that. POLITICO’s reporting established that Carson said he received a “full scholarship” from West Point, in writing and in public appearances over the years — but in fact he did not and there is actually no such thing as a “full scholarship” to the taxpayer-funded academy. And today in response to POLITICO he acknowledged for the first time that was not the case. Carson never explicitly wrote that he had applied for admission to West Point, although that was the clear implication of his claim to have received an offer of a “full scholarship,” a point that POLITICO’s initial report should have made clear.”

This is about as close as a lying liberal faux news outlet will come to an apology to a conservative, particularly a black conservative.

Ben Shapiro over at Breitbart has a good dissection of the Politico hit piece.

Of course, Politico is just trying to jump on the Carson-lynching bandwagon. The big media have been after the current GOP frontrunner for awhile now. This week, Carson got whammied with a couple of tales intended to “shock” people into running away from his candidacy.

One was the story about Carson’s belief that the pyramids of Egypt, or at least some of them, were actually granaries built by the biblical Joseph to help Egypt avoid a famine.

Carson had brought up the idea in a graduation speech back in 1998. It’s actually a very old idea held by some Bible believers that goes back at least to the Middle Ages.

But because modern archaeology says that pyramids — well, at least most of them — were tombs, the Washington Post whipped that into a story about how Carson is shockingly ignorant about science (even though he’s a highly skilled neurosurgeon). And they must have thought that story had legs, because it quickly became a smear not just of Carson, but of the GOP candidates, and then the entire Republican Party because how dare anyone dispute global warming or, gasp, evolution and the big bang.

Call me old-fashioned, but none of Carson’s offbeat theories about science worry me nearly as much as the ones the Left holds, or their absolutely nutso theories about things like economics and personal liberty.

The other big smear of the week was peddled by CNN, which basically called Carson a liar because they couldn’t find someone to corroborate a handful of incidents of violence and anger when he was a teen, more than a half century ago.

Probably the most stirring incident was when the young Carson tried to stab someone but the knife broke on the fellow’s belt buckle. Carson has attributed that failed stabbing to divine intervention that saved two lives.

CNN wants you to believe that the event was so major that there should have been witnesses who would remember it even today. So the basic theory being sold is that people living in a neighborhood Carson describes as being the sort where violence was common should recall 50 years later a scuffle between two kids in which no one was stabbed, and because CNN couldn’t find anyone who did, Carson is a liar.

Compare that with the lamestream media’s treatment of Obama’s past, which includes actual association with actual terrorist Bill Ayers, the racist Jeremiah Wright, the communist Frank Marshall Davis, a mysterious intervention in his education by a representative of the Saudi royal family, an unexplained social security number, an admitted drug-using past and other gigantic question marks. And dare we mention the birth certificate?

No, it’s clear that the same media who for years have cried racism at the least criticism of Obama have got their crosses burning for Carson as they go out to get the uppity conservative black man.

Carson, to his credit, seems to be taking it all in stride.

“I know what it’s about,” Carson told Sean Hannity on his radio program. “I mean, because I’ve talked to a lot of people from my past. And these people are just roaming through everything. They’re absolutely certain there MUST be a scandal with this guy. He must have had an affair with some nurse. There must be something. And they’re getting really frustrated because they just can’t find anything.”

Later in the interview he added: “Well they have an agenda, and they’re frustrated because they can’t find anything. Yesterday it’s anger, today it’s the West Point story, tomorrow it’ll be he wet his pants in kindergarten, we found evidence. I mean, it’s just so silly. And part of it is to distract people. And hopefully to put you on the defensive and to get everybody else thinking about these things so we don’t even get to the important things that are destroying our nation.”

And that’s what it’s all about.

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