Liberal Media: “Gun Nuts” To Blame For National Ammo Shortage

The media have been reporting a national ammo shortage for the past few months. Manufacturers are having a hard time keeping up with demand. The reasons for such shortages might be obvious to us, but some actually think that we’re to blame. And I’m sure they’d blame Bush while they’re at it.

Salon recently posted an article about ammo shortages and how police departments around the country are suffering because ammunition supplies are running out. They’re having to cut back on training and limit the number of rounds they carry around in their firearms. And who is to blame? The “gun nuts,” of course.

The headline of the article was “With Gun Nuts Hoarding Bullets, Will Cops be Disarmed?” And what do you know, not one mention of the “gun nuts” over at DHS “hoarding” 1.6 billion rounds of ammo in the past year. It’s all because of the right-wing media whipping us right-wingers into a paranoid frenzy and getting us to buy up all the ammo.

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Liberals defend DHS saying that they’re only saving money by buying in bulk and that their purchases are only for training purposes. Much of DHS’s ammo purchases recently though have been of the hollow point variety. Are they training with hollow point ammo, which can be as much as double the cost of regular ammo? Is that really saving money if they’re just going to be throwing away costly ammunition?

Some speculate that this stockpiling of ammo is evidence that the federal government is gearing up for some kind of civil war. Others suggest that they’re buying up the ammo so that civilians won’t be able to buy any as sort of a back-door approach to gun control. I don’t really know their reasons, but I’d sure like to know.

And DHS hasn’t exactly been forthcoming, which only leads to more speculation. Fifteen Congressman and Senators have demanded answers from Homeland Security to find out what their justification is for such large ammo purchases, especially while we’re supposedly in the middle of a budget cut “crisis” where traffic control towers are having to be shut down and criminals are having to be set free.

Liberals want to blame the shortage on right-wing paranoia. If they want gun-owners to stop being so distrustful of their federal government, then the Obama administration needs to stop using crises (real or manufactured) to push their agenda.

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