Liberal Media Turning Against Their Messiah

The news media in America has long been known to herald the praises of liberal politicians like Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and now Barack Obama.  They excuse or ignore Democrat’s ill behavior such as Clinton’s Oval Office adultery or Biden’s use of the f-word at a news conference while they ridicule Republicans for goofs like Quayle misspelling potato or Ford hitting a spectator with a gold ball.

This same liberal media has treated President Obama as if he was the Messiah of the nation.  No matter what he did, the media praised him in an almost worshipful fashion.  He could do no wrong in the media’s eyes.

That is until recently.

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Pew Research Center released a study they conducted of media coverage of the President over the past five months.  For their study, they examined over 11,500 different media outlets including national and local news broadcasts, online news and blogs.

They discovered that 57% of the media coverage was neutral, 34% of the coverage was negative and only a mere 9% of media coverage was considered to be positive.  They attributed Obama’s negative coverage to the state of the economy and that the media is treating him as the President and not a candidate.

In that same five month period, Rick Perry had the most positive media coverage with Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann close behind.  The media coverage of the Republican candidates and those considered by some to be candidates were as follows:

  • Perry:              32% positive, 48% neutral, 20% negative
  • Palin:              31% positive, 47% neutral, 22% negative
  • Bachmann:   31% positive, 46% neutral, 23% negative
  • Cain:              28% positive, 49% neutral, 23% negative
  • Romney:        26% positive, 47% neutral, 27% negative
  • Santorum:     23% positive, 51% neutral, 26% negative
  • Paul:               21% positive, 62% neutral, 17% negative
  • Huntsman:    21% positive, 62% neutral, 17% negative
  • Gingrich:        15% positive, 50% neutral, 35% negative
  • Pawlenty:      12% positive, 58% neutral, 30% negative
  • Obama:            9% positive, 57% neutral, 34% negative

The polls show that Americans are becoming more and more disillusioned with Obama as his ratings are at the lowest levels ever, more and more Democrats have been speaking out against him and now the media has also turned against him.  Yet it seems that he is the only one that doesn’t seem to see the writing on the wall.


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