The Liberal Megaquake Policy That May Kill Us All

I enjoy watching TV shows chronicling natural disasters. I’m fascinated by them as apparently a lot of us are. These programs are very popular: hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, volcanoes, and earthquakes.

Yes, the results of these disasters can be tragic and the suffering caused by them can be unimaginable, but these phenomena are still fascinating to watch.

A recent example of these programs was rebroadcast just the other day on the History Channel. It was entitled Megaquake 10.0. The premise of the show was to examine and compare past powerful earthquakes and the destruction they cause, to a magnitude 10.0 Megaquake, with as much as 30 times more devastating force then most recent major earthquakes.

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During one segment, a seismologist was discussing the devastation recent earthquakes had caused. He claimed that loss of life and property were potentially much greater today, not because of more powerful earthquakes, but due to increases in urban population – population centers where there are simply many more people per square mile than in the past.

Always thinking politically – it hit me – like a Megaquake.

It’s liberal policies that will most likely kill millions of people. How do I get from Megaquake 10.0 to liberal political policy? That’s easy.

It’s the restrictions on drilling, increased gas taxes, high-speed rail projects, and the federal government’s ownership of most of our land. It’s community planning, withholding of federal tax dollars, carbon taxes, bus lanes, bicycle lanes, etc.

When you begin to look at the policies, not as individual entities, but in concert with one another, you’ll see what these regional/community planners, wizards of smart are attempting to do.

For years progressives have been trying to steer people back into the city. And now Obama and his cronies want to force us back into cities to, as he puts it, to “spread the wealth around.” Obama’s “Smart Growth” policy dictates that we live in densely populated apartment and condo complexes in the city and give up our cars.

Instead, we can walk, ride a bike and use public transportation. “Smart Growth” policy demands high population density in cities, thus decreasing “greenhouse gases” and saving the planet. It also forces tax dollars out of the suburbs and back into the city, where liberal administrators can decide best where to spend it.

Getting the picture? On one hand the Obama planning gurus want to force us into cities and on the other seismologists are warning of dire/deadly consequences if a big one strikes a major or several major population centers. And the more dense the population center, the more destruction and loss of life.

So once again, meddling liberal policies will have consequences not foreseen by the brilliant intellectuals of the left.

Like Pharaoh Ramses, who sent his forces into the parted Red Sea after Moses and the Israelites, only to seal his troops’ fate, so too will Pharaoh Obama and his followers force wealthier suburbanites to their likely demise when the Megaquake hits.

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