Liberal Muslim Anti-American Anti-Christian Curriculum Ousted From Texas Schools

This past school year has seen a lot of controversy over a curriculum that was being used in 78% of Texas public school districts.  The curriculum known as CSCOPE raised the concern and ire of many parents who questioned the obvious anti-American agenda being taught.

Among some of the more controversial lesson plans taught by CSCOPE are:

In a state congressional hearing on the CSCOPE curriculum, a number of teachers testified that they saw the lessons being taught as anti-America, anti-Christian and anti-true history.  They all believed the overall agenda behind the curriculum was to promote Islam, globalization and socialism/communism.  One algebra teacher became emotional during his testimony when he told the committee that he had resigned because he felt using the curriculum was ‘aiding and abetting a crime.’

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The Texas State Board of Education not only received numerous complaints from parents and some teachers, but they received complaints from a number of state legislators as well.  On Monday, the board voted to discontinue use of the CSCOPE lesson plans after Aug. 31.

Sadly, not everyone is pleased with the announcement.  Many Texas school districts say they are now scrambling to find another curriculum to replace CSCOPE in a very short time and in many cases with insufficient funds to purchase something new.

CSCOPE’s governing board is working to delete or change the lessons that have caused most of the complaints.  They say that they hope their efforts will be sufficient to get CSCOPE re-instated as a supplementary curriculum for the Texas schools.  However, many parents, teachers and politicians are not sure the curriculum can be overhauled enough to remove the obvious anti-American, anti-Christian, pro-Islam and pro-socialist agenda that underlies it all.

Not only is this a huge victory for conservatives, patriots and Christians, but it should also set an example that the system can be fought.  All too often, parents and teachers believe that no matter what they say or do that it won’t make any difference.  The removal of CSCOPE is proof that everyone can make a difference.

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