Liberal Politicians are Responsible for Mass Shootings

Barack Obama and other liberal politicians are claiming that there have been anywhere from 34 to well over 100 mass shootings in America just this year. They blame it on guns and over lenient guns laws being religiously protected by conservative Americans.

But let’s put the shoe on the other foot by placing the blame for these mass shootings on liberal anti-American politicians like Barack Obama, Michael Bloomberg, John Hickenlooper and Jerry Brown to name just a few. These men and women who have little to no regard for the US Constitution and rights of American citizens are the ones that have created the atmosphere for the increase in gun violence in America.

First of all, these liberal anti-God politicians have successfully removed God, Bible, Jesus Christ and everything Christian from public life. They’ve replaced the Christian morals that made America great with an anti-God culture of greed, sexual perversion, debauchery and hedonism. Instead of worshiping the one and only Creator and Savior, they worship themselves and their sinful perverse lifestyles. Without an Almighty God to be accountable to, they find themselves in a world without any absolute truths and without absolute truths there is no real basis for morality or rule of law.

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Secondly, these liberal anti-Constitution politicians have been working hard to undermine the US Constitution and the rule of law. By allowing the supposed leader of our nation to pick and choose and what laws he’ll obey and what ones he violates, the precedent has been set for everyone else to follow. Since Obama chose not to uphold various laws, why should we? Hence Obama’s example is leading to a nation rife with anarchy where everyone is deciding for themselves what is right and what is wrong.

Thirdly, these liberal anti-Second Amendment politicians have been working hard to violate our Second-Amendment Rights to own and bear arms. In states like New York, Maryland, Colorado, Illinois and California, politicians have passed strict anti-Second Amendment laws which only serve to make it harder for law abiding citizens to own firearms to protect themselves and their families. In states like Maryland, gun owners are required to keep their guns unloaded and locked in a secure gun cabinet or safe, making them totally useless for home protection.

These states have also been trying to ban a number of types of guns along with gun accessories and the amount of ammunition one can purchase or store. They’ve made the process of purchasing guns seem like a legalistic obstacle course.

Lastly, these anti-American politicians are the ones responsible for passing laws that create many gun free zones, which in turn provide the perfect hunting ground for would be mass shooters and terrorists. Gun free zones deprive citizens of their Second Amendment rights to carry a firearm with which to protect themselves, their families, co-workers and friends.

The last shooting in San Bernardino took place in a gun free government office building. The shooting at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood took place in a gun free zone. The 2012 shooting in the Aurora theater took place in a gun free zone. The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School took place in a gun free zone. The mass shootings (2 of them) at Ft. Hood took place in gun free zones.

The list of shootings in gun free zones fills pages. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the list of mass shootings in areas where guns are permitted barely fills one or two pages. In many of those instances, someone legally carrying a firearm was able to stop the shooting in progress long before law enforcement arrived, saving many lives.

If Obama and his loyal mindless followers have their ways, all of America would have stricter guns laws and there would be a lot more gun free zones, thus providing many more targets for would be mass shooters, resulting in many more dead innocent Americans.

If Obama really wants to curb gun violence, then he first must turn our nation around to God and then help arm every American citizen and allow them to properly protect themselves family friends and co-workers.

That should be something you seriously consider when heading to the polls next year.

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