Liberal Reporters Want President Obama to Squeeze Americans

Late last week Karen Tumulty and Juliet Eilperin at the Washington Post wrote a column entitled “Will Obama fade or fight as Republicans gain control of Congress?”

They wrote that when Obama’s “party got walloped last week in the midterm election and unbowed president Obama declared that he would ‘squeeze every last bit of opportunity’ to push his agenda in the waning years of his presidency. In the past few days, he has shown that he meant it.” Yes, the only ones he bows to our sheiks and dictators.

My first question to the ladies is to name one time when he hasn’t squeezed “every last bit of opportunity” out of his mostly unlawful and unconstitutional agenda?

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They go on to list, in no particular order, all the “opportunities” Obama must still squeeze out. Sorry for the sphincter reference, but if the orifice fits, so to speak.

These two dictatorial cheerleaders describe his upcoming illegal executive action on immigration as “potentially protecting as many as 6 million illegal immigrants from the threat of deportation,” and quote the fulfillment of a promise to Latino activists.

I’ll give it to them for at least uttering the word illegal, but nowhere do they mention that Obama has zero authority to fulfill that promise. I’m guessing they don’t care.

The two reporters briefly describe Obama leaning on the FCC to impose more regulation on Internet service providers. This is just one more example of the jackboots of government usurping the free market. But I’m sure that to those at the Washington Post, the free market is just unfair. How dare ISPs charge more for faster service. It’s un-American like charging more for a Mercedes than a Volkswagen.

We can’t leave out that “Obama struck a potentially historic climate change deal with China,” which “brought praise from environmental groups,” and no doubt these two reporters. Obama’s climate deal is so stupidly crafted that even Mitch McConnell sees the idiocy. McConnell said they (the Chinese) don’t have to do anything for 16 years. If I may amend that to read “the Chinese will never do anything.” And why should they ruin their own economy over a scam.

They write, “It is a reminder that a president — even one whose party has suffered a power outage on Capitol Hill — has the ability to make things happen. ‘He sees problems he wants to solve, and he’s going to use the tools that are available to him to solve them,’ said David Axelrod.”

Tools? As I see it Obama avails himself of three tools: lying, cheating, and stealing.  Oops . . . forgot one. Make that four. I forgot bullying. These are the tools that any Alinskyite would use to “get the job done.” Saul would be so proud.

I wonder if fellow Alinsky radical Hillary is saying to herself, “Hey Barack, leave some for me.”

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