Liberal Senator to Add Same Sex Marriage Preferential Treatment to Immigration Reform

The immigration reform bill that was introduced by the infamous Gang of 8, is another massive nightmare that may cost the country even more than Obamacare.

The Heritage Foundation conducted a study of the proposed immigration reform bill and discovered that the 11 million illegals that will become legal will cost the government $9.4 trillion over their life time.  Those same 11 million legals will only pay an estimated $3.1 trillion in taxes, resulting in a net cost of $6.3 trillion.

This does not take into account the 1 million immigrant workers that will be allowed into the US to take jobs from American citizens.  This will result in thousands of US workers losing their jobs or unable to find work which will in turn cause many of them to lose their homes.  Since finances are the number one cause of marital problems and divorce, many of these workers’ families will be torn apart by the influx of so many illegals and legal immigrants.

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Another provision of the immigration reform bill places border security behind the path to amnesty and citizenship.  Our borders will remain unprotected in many areas, allowing thousands more illegals and illegal drugs to cross into the US.

Now we are learning that Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) wants to add an amendment to the bill that would give preferential treatment to the illegal alien same-sex partners of American citizens.  Like the military benefits being offered to the unmarried same-sex partners of US servicemen and women, this amendment does not offer the same preferential treatment for the unmarried partners of heterosexual couples.  If you’re gay, you get to move to the head of the line and if you’re not gay, you take your place in line like everyone else.

The immigration reform bill is a very bad idea and needs to be defeated and buried.  Instead of giving amnesty to 11 million who broke the law, let’s do the right thing and send them back to their own country where they belong.  If they’re gay, they do not stay just because of living a sinful lifestyle.  If they want to come to the US to live and work, let them go through the same process that millions of legal immigrants have done.  Then they will be welcomed with open arms and given the same benefits that every other citizen gets and nothing more.

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