Liberal Stunt Tries to Hang SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Over a Disgruntled Girlfriend from High School

Liberal Senators are now saying an “investigation” needs to be conducted over accusations that Brett Kavanaugh was once mean to an old girlfriend 40 yers ago back in high school. No, seriously.

This is how desperate the left is to destroy Brett Kavanaugh.

Republican Senators are wondering why this accusation has suddenly appeared even after Kavanaugh interviewed with 65 U.S. Senators — including the sudden accuser, Dianne Feinstein — and after he has answered an incredible 2,000 questions about his past positions and cases, according to The Washington Times.

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It smells suspiciously like a political stunt.

Feinstein claims that a criminal probe of Kavanaugh is now needed despite that the statue of limitations ended decades ago for any allegations of a sexual nature. Not to mention that the judge has been vetted by the FBI numerous times, and was even confirmed unanimously to the second highest court in the land already. Yet, through all that, this supposed allegation has never been mentioned.

Indeed, the allegations are so old that that purported “victim” in the case has refused to come forward and just wants everyone to forget about the whole thing.

On top of that, the allegations are coming from “an anonymous source,” you know, one of those “sources” the left have been trying to use to destroy Trump all along.

Meanwhile, even liberal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has criticized the Democrats for the hell they have put Kavanaugh through.

“I wish I could wave a magic wand and have it go back to the way it was,” she said about the confirmation process as it has become today.

She noted that the way of confirming judges in her day was more bipartisan. “The way it was was right. The way it is is wrong,” she said.

Ginsburg is oh, so right.

So, Sen. Chuck Grassley has scheduled the committee vote for September 20. According to all counts, though, Kavanaugh will get his confirmation despite the Democrats’ histrionics. In the end, all this mess will do is drive a wedge deeper between the left and the right in this country. It is just one more brick in the wall separating Americans from each other.

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