Liberal Vox in Obama Era: ‘TSA a Waste of Money.’ Vox on TSA in Trump Era: ‘It’s a Vital Service’

To show how liberals really have no principles at all, we have no better example than two assessments of the TSA from the same liberal website, one published during the Obama era and one during the current government shutdown that the left wants blamed on President Donald Trump.

The two assessments come from the liberal website Vox media, the “explainer” website started by several hard-core liberals who pretend to be “journalists.”

One assessment, published in 2016 during Obama’s last year in office, maintained that the TSA is a giant waste of money that should be eliminated.

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But today, the TSA is caught up in the midst of the government shutdown and its employees are “not being paid.” Of course the left wants to blame it on Donald Trump. With that in mind, Vox has a new idea about the TSA. Where as two years ago the TSA was a dangerous waste of money that should be disbanded, today Vox thinks the TSA is a vital service that evil Donald Trump is putting in jeopardy.

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What has changed between 2016 and 2019? Has the TSA gotten better and become a vital service?

No, not really. The only difference is, today Vox wants to use the TSA as a weapon against Trump.

The Daily Wire took the time to track down the differing assessments rom Vox:

Way back in the glory days of September 2016, when the left-wing media could just parrot what their preferred president would say and point out government largesse without blaming said preferred president, Vox published an article titled “The TSA is a waste of money that doesn’t save lives and might actually cost them.”

“The TSA doesn’t save lives, but it probably ends them. One paper by economists Garrick Blalock, Vrinda Kadiyali, and Daniel Simon found that, controlling for other factors like weather and traffic, 9/11 provoked such a large decrease in air traffic and increase in driving that 327 more people died every month from road accidents. The effect dissipated over time, but the total death toll (up to 2,300) rivals that of the attacks themselves,” Vox reported.

OK, the TSA is actually a danger to American security. Or so Vox said in 2016.

So, how does Vox feel about the TSA today?

Fast forward to Tuesday, January 8, 2019. A Republican is president and the government is “shut down” because President Donald Trump wants funding for a border wall and Democrats want… open borders? Now, suddenly, TSA is the most critical safety measure we have as a country. In an article titled “To build the wall, Trump is sacrificing airport security during the government shutdown,” Vox insists Trump is wrong to want a border wall and the TSA is working without pay. (Note: No government employee is currently working without pay as the next pay day is this Friday and they received their previous paychecks.)

“So while the Trump administration is prepared to keep the government shut down to get funding for a wall that will supposedly protect Americans, it is actually weakening the security in gateways where people have actually been stopped: airports,” Vox wrote.

Ah, got it. Today it is a vital service that the evil Donald Trump is destroying.

Vox is not journalism. It is let-wing propaganda.

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