Liberal Women Want Free Birth Control But Not Being Told They’re Attractive

Yesterday Rush Limbaugh discussed a YouTube video of a young woman that went viral. The woman, who looked to be in her 20s, was filmed for 10 hours silently walking the streets of Manhattan.

She wasn’t dressed provocatively.

As she walked the streets, she didn’t say a word.

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The 10 hours were condensed down to a few minutes of what the video described as catcalling. Watching the video, I would hardly say that she was overly objectified, but that is obviously the message the makers of the video wanted to convey – that men are predators.

The 10 hours of video must’ve been a dead bore if what they presented was the worst they had. Next time maybe use a more attractive woman that might elicit the base responses that they’re searching for. Just some advice from a caveman.

Anyway, sure, there were a couple of creeps that actually walked beside her for a bit. This would have been unnerving. Many were just, “How you doin’ today?” All pretty lame and immature

The video was presented by Hollaback and it claims to be dedicated to the eradication of “street harassment.” The display at the end of the video claimed over 100+ incidences of verbal harassment in the 10 hours.’s biggest complaint was not that she was harassed, but that she wasn’t harassed sufficiently by white guys. Well, at least they’re consistent.

Okay – we get it – all men are predators and all women are victims.

Yet on the other side of the country, in Colorado, apparently women are just sex-crazed lunatics. So much so, that they’ve run out of condoms.

This one is a radio ad, found by “The Federalist,” against Colorado Republican Senate candidate Cory Gardner.

It’s presented by NARAL, the pro-abortion, tax-exempt organization. They like to call themselves “NARAL Pro-Choice America,” but they’ve never “chosen” anything but abortion.

Anyway, the commercial centers on a couple, although I’m surprised it’s a man and a woman. The man apparently enters the home where the woman is waiting, rather impatiently. She immediately bombards him with questions regarding her desperate need for condoms. Talk about harassment.

She sends this poor guy all over town – to the grocery store, corner store and drugstore – to find condoms. Everywhere he went they were “sold out of condoms.” I guess he didn’t stop at the public high school. He could’ve gotten handfuls – and for free!

Apparently there were no more condoms because Republican Cory Gardner banned birth control.

Frankly, I was unaware one man can do that – I mean other than an Obama Executive Order. Of course Gardner can’t, but political lies are protected speech.

I just find it odd that these two “campaigns” appear to be running simultaneously. One, a woman is being relentlessly harassed by “predatory” men who obviously all just want to have sex with her, and the other, a woman so desperate for sex she sends some sexual schlub to “hunt” for condoms and then questions his effort when he comes up empty.

Rather a mixed message – don’t you think?

So liberal women – make up your mind already! Why do you need so many condoms and paid-for birth control (Sandra Fluke) if men are rotten harassing predators?

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