Liberals and Establishment Republicans Sad to See Lindsey Graham Go

In case you missed it, and it was easy to do, Lindsey Graham has pulled out of the race to become our next president. I’m sure it was a difficult decision, being that he was beginning to pick up momentum. He was after all, gaining in the polls – at last I checked, he had reached the zero percent threshold.

Both the radical left and establishment right are saddened by the news of Graham’s departure. The Weekly Standard, who never met a big government progressive they didn’t like, wrote yesterday of their regret. Michael Warren expressed his disappointment in his article entitled “3 Reasons Lindsey Graham Dropping Out Matters.”

“First, Graham leaves the presidential field without a candidate who has served in the armed forces,” writes Warren. In years gone by I have also expressed my desire to always elect a Commander-in-Chief with at least some sort of military background or service. But in recent years — certainly recent election cycles — my opinion has changed.


It’s one thing to trust Colonel Allen West as Commander-in-Chief, but another entirely to elect the likes of John Kerry or John McCain. John Kerry was a disaster from the start. McCain served with distinction and was a war hero, despite what Trump claims. But McCain sold his soul to the establishment devil long ago, which more than offsets his military qualifications. Lindsey Graham did the same, which makes Warren’s lament pointless.

“Second,” explains Warren, “there’s Graham’s unique position as a favorite son of an early primary state.” Favorite son – really? Graham topped out around 4% of voters polled in his home state of South Carolina. If he’s their favorite . . . well, you know the rest.

Finally, Warren asks, is the question of who Graham will now throw his endorsement to. I’m sure the other candidates are breathlessly waiting. Who will be the lucky one to garner Graham’s dozen or so votes? Warren explains that Graham and John McCain are like “two peas in a political pod” and asks: “Where do McCain and Graham go, and will it matter?” Answer: Hopefully away, and no, it won’t matter in the least. It will eventually be Rubio or maybe Christie if he can last, in case anyone is interested.

But, as I stated, those that make up the establishment right aren’t the only ones grieving over the loss of Graham. The radical left is also in mourning. It seems that “It’s Official: None of The Remaining Major GOP Candidates Accept Climate Science.”

Oh the horror! But that’s where Climate Progress is wrong. Even that radical wing nut (my man) Ted Cruz accepts climate science. He just rejects the radical left’s warped, fraudulent version. “Graham was the only person in the crowded Republican field who admitted that the planet is warming, that the warming is harmful, and that humans are the primary cause,” bemoans Climate Progress.

“I’ve talked to the climatologists of the world, and 90 percent of them are telling me that the greenhouse gas effect is real — that we’re heating up the planet,” Graham said at the CNBC presidential debate in October. “I just want a solution that would be good for the economy that doesn’t destroy it.” That statement is just further confirmation of what a cloistered idiot Graham is. When you spent all your time inside the beltway speaking only to “scientists” begging for government largess, of course that’s conclusion to which you would come.

To throw in with the left on this issue shows a complete lack of judgment, for these radicals, like those at Climate Progress, couldn’t care less about our economy, and in fact do want to destroy it by redistributing it to whomever they deem is more worthy.

The article states that, “Questioning climate science isn’t unique in the U.S. Republican party. More than 56 percent of Republicans in the 114th Congress and 70 percent of Senate Republicans deny or question the science behind human-caused climate change.”

Now that’s some good news and it further illustrates how stupid Graham is as he said: “I know I’m not a scientist, but here’s the problem I’ve got with some people in my party: When you ask the scientists what’s going on, why don’t you believe them?” Because Lindsey, they can evidently think for themselves enough to see through the fog of deceit being presented as science.

So good riddance to Lindsey Graham. Maybe he’ll do us all a favor and also retire from the senate. And take McCain with him. Perhaps they can both work at the Weekly Standard. The magazine could use two old establishment fools.

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