Liberals So Angry Over Elections They Call Black Republican a Racist Uncle Tom

The racial problems in the country have been intensifying ever since Barack Obama illegally assumed residence in the White House and then even more so after naming Eric Holder to be the Attorney General. It seems they have emboldened blacks to become more racist and hateful towards whites. After the Trayvon Martin incident in Florida, many blacks took to brutally attacking whites for no other reason but their racial hatred. Ferguson has only poured more fuel on the fires of racial hatred even though all of the evidence exonerates Officer Darren Wilson.

Liberal Democrats tried everything to keep from losing power in the Senate. One of their ploys was to use race in their efforts to keep an ever growing unhappy black population from turning away. Some of them used ads depicting small black kids holding up signs begging police not to shoot them in reference to what happened in Ferguson and several other places. I saw a number of different Democratic ads that I thought were extremely distasteful and unethical and they did more to turn me away from their candidates and party than they would have attracted me to them.

One of the things that really gets the ire of liberal black Democrats is when they find a black person who is a conservative and a Republican. They just can’t seem to fathom the possibility that members of their own skin tone would have sensible values.

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Such is the case of Tim Scott from South Carolina. In 2012, then Senator Jim DeMint retired from the Senate so he could take over The Heritage Foundation. Republican Governor Nikki Haley appointed Scott to fill DeMint’s vacated seat for the remainder of his term which was this year.

Democrats mounted a strong effort to oust Scott from the senate seat and capture it for themselves. However when the votes this week were counted, Scott trounced his Democratic opponent with a 61% to 37% landslide victory. This makes Tim Scott the first black person to be elected by popular vote to the US Senate and US House not only in South Carolina but in the South.

Having a black Republican defeat a Democrat is completely unthinkable to the liberal community. As the election results were posted, liberals started posting nasty comments about Scott. Twitter users posted:

“Tim Scott is a d**n Uncle Tom.”

“Yeah Tim Scott is the biggest Uncle Tom (sic).”

“You are not the first Uncle Tom. Clarence Thomas wins.”

“Nikki Haley wins in South Carolina. Tim Scott Uncle Tom (expletive deleted) is back. Lindsey Graham too. UGH. I hate the world.”

This only demonstrates just how racist liberal Democrats are and how far they will go to show it. If Scott were a Democrat, they would be singing his praises, but since he’s a Republican, they can’t use enough ugly and racist words to describe him. Yet they are the same people that keep telling America that the Republican Party is racist. Talk about hypocrisy at the highest level.

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