Liberals Defend Right to Desecrate American Flag but Not the Right to Display Confederate Flag

I’ve written a number of times about the treatment of the American flag.  I was raised to respect the American flag.  In school, I was taught proper flag etiquette including how to properly fly or display the flag, when to fly it at half-staff, how to dispose of it and how to fold and store it.  I was also taught that the American flag should never ever touch the ground.

One of my most prized possessions is the flag that flew on my dad’s ship during World War II.  The flag was flying at the battles of Saipan and Bougainville.  After the war the ship was mothballed and the captain presented the flag to my dad because they had developed a close friendship during the war.  I have the flag properly folded and preserved in a flag display case.  Whenever I look at that flag, I am reminded of the millions of American men and women who fought and died for the American flag and everything it stands for.

It’s bothered me over the years to see so many Americans desecrate the American flag.  They throw it on the ground and trample and urinate on it.  They fly it upside down which is a signal of surrender.  I’ve seen American public schools fly the Mexican flag higher than the American flag, utterly disrespecting our national symbol for a foreign one.

When I was growing up, these people would have been prosecuted for defiling the flag.  Then liberal judges were appointed to benches and ruled that the people were just exercising their constitutional and First Amendment rights.

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In the typical hypocritical style of most liberals, they don’t care how the American flag is flown, displayed or treated, but when it comes to the Confederate flag, they have no tolerance whatsoever.  The same constitutional and First Amendment rights that allows the desecration of the American flag does not apply to the Confederate flag, according to the liberals.

Gregory Vied, a 17 year old student at Steinert High School in Hamilton, New Jersey has a Confederate flag displayed on his pickup truck.  He says it represents his southern pride, but other intolerant liberals claim it’s a symbol of hate and have complained to the school.  You see, they care less about Vied’s reason for displaying the flag; it’s just that they view it in a totally different way because of their own prejudices and biases.

The school has repeatedly told Vied to remove the flag, but he has refused, claiming that it is his First Amendment right.  Vied told the local news:

“Them trying to make me take it down is unconstitutional.”

School administrators are more concerned about hurting someone’s feeling than they are of protecting Vied’s First Amendment rights, so they suspended him for 3 days.  Even facing the suspension, Vied continues to refuse to remove his confederate flag.

To my shock, the ACLU has jumped into the case to defend Vied’s actions.  They sent a letter to the school principal informing them that they are violating the student’s rights.  Ed Barocas, the Legal Director for the ACLU told the local news:

“As the U.S. Supreme Court has made clear, students’ rights don’t end at the school house gates.  It also doesn’t end in the school parking lot.”

The school responded to the letter from the ACLU; but is still punishing Vied.  They reduced his suspension from three days to one day.  They are continuing to punish Vied for standing up for his constitutional rights, but now the school is facing another dilemma.  Dozens of Vied’s classmates have started displaying Confederate flags, showing their support of Vied, but the school has not suspended any other student for the same infraction.  You would think that this forces them to either retract the one student’s suspension or they must suspend all of the others in order to be fair.  Anything else results in a double standard and gives the student further reason to take legal action against the school for not only violating his constitutional rights, but for unfair punishment which could be labeled as a hate crime or bullying.

Why is it in today’s America that those who accuse conservatives, patriots and Christians of being so intolerant of others are themselves among the most intolerant?  They don’t want tolerance as much as they want everybody to do things their way with little to no exceptions.  It’s that way the homosexuals, feminists, atheists, Muslims and Democrats.

As for Gregory Vied, I hope he continues to stand his ground and that the ACLU takes legal action against the school.  I also believe that when school administrators violate the rights of students and suspend them unjustly that they end up being suspended from their jobs without pay for the same amount of time they unfairly suspended their students.

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