Liberals Delusional About the Border

The border is secure, according to Sen. Harry Reid.

Don’t you feel better?

Oh, and those horrid diseases immigrants are bringing over? Not so bad. Couple of shots, the patients will be fine.

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There’s nothing to worry about. Go back to sleep.

Reid’s spit-take-worthy comment prompted Charles Krauthammer to say, “When you hear Harry Reid saying the border is secure you got to wonder, you know, whether he’s on his medication or not. That is so detached from reality.”

Sixty-thousand at least kids who come over, and we’re completely helpless,” Krauthammer continued. “It’s the helplessness that I think is driving the president and the Democrats. What they want is for the Republicans to be the ones who would propose the change in the law because it looks so cruel, and so the Republicans have played their role in this kabuki — the president will reluctantly accept it.”

It’s a valid observation. The Left has to pretend that there’s no problem at the border because they don’t know how to control the beast the president’s policies have helped unleash. And let’s be fair. Past presidents, particularly Bush, had a hand in laying the groundwork for our current crisis, but it’s Obama who hit the accelerator with his lax enforcement policies and executive orders enacting the congressionally rejected Dream Act.

The Democrats thought they were getting a passel of new voters, but they’re also getting a genuine health and social crisis, which is kicking already-incensed conservatives into high gear. Democrat planners surely anticipated a backlash of some sort, but like with the number of kids being thrown across the border by the drug cartels, they didn’t count on this level of response.

The Obama Administration is under attack, rightly so, not just for the border, but for its many other scandals ranging from the IRS to Benghazi, along with its disastrous foreign policy that has resulted in the loss of Iraq, a country that many Americans fought to establish as a democracy.

The resurgence of al-Qaida, the Muslim Brotherhood and all the other Islamist offshoots is a huge embarrassment for a president who bragged during his re-election campaign that he killed Osama bin Laden (even though the plan was Hillary Clinton’s and Leon Panetta’s) and that al-Qaida was on the run.

Even on the healthcare front, Obama’s signature legislation has had only mediocre successes and tremendous failings, including in many cases skyrocketing premiums and worse coverage.

At every level, on every story, the Obama Administration is in damage control mode. On Monday, for example, in response to a question about the level of global instability, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said the Obama Administration has increased “the tranquility of the global community.”

There were giggles even among the assembled members of the press when he said that.

The Obama Administration is basically in free fall. The difference between this and other lame-duck administrations is that Obama has gone off road and decided that he can order everybody around like a king. And kings are all about image.

Krauthammer said, “The president has to have this (the border crisis) stopped because it contributes to the story, showing all the other elements abroad and at home that his administration is incompetent, out of control and unable to control anything.”

As happens so often with Obama, his pragmatic demagoguery is at odds with his narcissism. On the one hand, political survival, even for a lame duck, would suggest that a solution is needed for the border. His narcissism and Alinskyite training, however, are pushing him to milk the crisis to get something he wants while pinning all the blame on his political enemies.

So far, his narcissism is winning.

Consequently, his flying monkeys like Reid are out casting illusions about how great things are, and the human tragedy keeps coming across our border.

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