What Liberals Don’t Know Can Kill Us

What liberals don’t understand could fill volumes. In fact, it already does, especially under the names of authors like Adams, Jefferson and Madison.

But the particular area of liberal ignorance that should concern us most at this moment involves Iraq’s importance in the Middle East, to America and to the world.

In the world seen through liberal lenses, the war in Iraq was a) about oil, b) about carrying out some agenda of the first President Bush, or c) both.

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According to the Left, there was no reason to be there, Saddam Hussein was a perfectly nice guy and no threat, al-Qaida didn’t exist there, it just wasn’t worth American lives or effort.

They still cling to the mantra that “there were no WMDs,” (even though it’s clear that Saddam had a stockpile and simply dispersed it to friendly countries) as if that was the only conceivable reason to ever step foot in Iraq.

What most presidents before this one have understood and liberals in general fail to grasp is that the future of the Middle East is crucial to the future of the U.S. and the world. Anyone with some knowledge of world history and a passing familiarity with chess could suss this out.

Managing the Middle East has long been about maintaining a balance of power. As long as Muslims were fighting each other or keeping their terrorist activities mostly confined to the region, the rest of the world was safe.

But then 9/11 happened.

The holy war broke out of the boundaries of the Middle East in a big way in the heart of New York City. Even the Left for a few days was gung-ho for “doing something,” though liberals quickly reverted to type.

Anyone with sense knew that America had to confront al-Qaida, but when your enemy is a secretive, multinational terrorist organization whose soldiers don’t even wear uniforms, how do you fight a war against them?

You do what Bush did. You pick a spot that’s not your home turf, that gives you a tactical advantage, and you call the bullies out of their holes. I’m not going to argue about the details of this or that decision, whether Bush had enough worldwide support, whether our actions were justified, but I will argue that this was a tactical decision on the president’s part that had to be made.

Why Iraq? Forget all the ballyhoo about WMDs, oil or whatever other strawmen liberals like to pick at. Iraq was chosen because Saddam Hussein had once been a key component in holding Islamists in check, but he had demonstrated with the invasion of Kuwait and years of stonewalling the U.N. that he was no longer of use to the West, pure and simple.

There was also a consideration of what should happen after any war with al-Qaida. Any country that served as the battlefield would have to be rebuilt and democratized, to serve the roll of guard against radical Islam that Saddam had in the past served. The Iraqi people are intelligent enough and westernized enough that they made good candidates for a new democracy.

So Iraq became the strategic choice.

Now, we have a president who either doesn’t understand these straightforward dynamics, or who understands them but deliberately chose to act against American interests. Take your pick.

Why is it absolutely crucial to keep radical Islam in check? A little historical knowledge clarifies the whole picture. Since its beginning, Islam has been about expansion through violent conquest, from the Jews of Mecca and Medina, through the Crusades and up to the modern day. That natural tendency was only amplified when the Muslim Brotherhood was founded and soon discovered common interests with the Nazis, who aided the Brotherhood with money, equipment and training. To this day, the Muslim Brotherhood gives its trainees copies of Mein Kampf in Arabic. When you look at an Islamist terrorist, you’re seeing a Nazi wrapped in mufti.

The ultimate goals of Islamist groups are clearly stated: Create a new caliphate that can compete with other world powers and spread Shariah law, then take over the world, converting everyone to Islam.

And liberals whine about American imperialism.

Just this morning, with al-Qaida’s ISIS army on the march to Baghdad, and helicopters ferrying out Americans from the consulate like it was the Fall of Saigon II, Secretary of State John Kerry took a bold and decisive stand … against global warming.

The blinders need to come off. The Left’s ignorance is a clear and present danger to this country and the world.


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