Liberals Hate the Bible, Until they Decide to Use it Against Republicans

The hypocrisy of the Left is astounding. The Bible has now become the favorite go-to source for ethics. Who would have thought that such a thing could happen? Jesus had a lot to say about hypocrisy. Here’s an example:

Then Jesus spoke to the crowds and to His disciples, saying: “The scribes and the Pharisees have seated themselves in the chair of Moses; therefore all that they tell you, do and observe, but do not do according to their deeds; for they say things and do not do them. They tie up heavy burdens and lay them on men’s shoulders, but they themselves are unwilling to move them with so much as a finger. But they do all their deeds to be noticed by men; for they broaden their phylacteries and lengthen the tassels of their garments” (Matt. 23:1-5).

This isn’t to say that there’s no hypocrisy on the right side of the political spectrum. But the hypocrisy that’s coming from liberals on the immigration issue is beyond anything I’ve seen. The same people who are pointing to the Bible on child separation are the same people who demand the following:

  • You can’t impose your morals on other people.
  • There’s a separation between church and state.
  • Religion and politics don’t mix.
  • Christians should remain neutral.
  • The church should not be involved in politics.
  • Jesus said, “Do not judge.”

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When Christians bring up the topic of abortion, how it’s truly the separation of a child from his or her mother, the Left is outraged. “How dare you Christians impose the Bible on us.” But when the immigration issue was seized upon by the Left as a way to make Pres. Trump look bad and turn the American people against him, all of a sudden the Bible is full of wisdom. “What would Jesus do?”

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“You know something strange is up when they start quoting the Bible on MSNBC,” Laura Ingraham noted on her show. Strange indeed. Ali Velshi of MSNBC took issue with Jeff Sessions’ use of Romans 13 by appealing to the Bible. That’s the Berean thing to do. Search the Scriptures to see if what someone says about the Scriptures is true (Acts 17:11). No one is immune from such scrutiny.

But Velshi and the folks at MSNBC have no use for the Bible when it comes to abortion, same-sex sexuality, government theft, and other subjects of a moral kind.

Velshi said the following while holding a big Bible, a book he does not believe:

We actually did dig through the Bible to find passages that lent themselves to the current border practice of separating migrant children from their parents. I want to begin with Matthew chapter 19, verse 14. But Jesus said, suffer little children and forbid them not to come unto me.

The word “suffer,” using the King James Version translation, means “permit.” It’s obvious from this passage that Jesus is not talking about immigration. Context is everything when it comes to interpretation. Here’s what Matthew 19:15, the following verse, says:

But Jesus said, “Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Jesus is talking about the kingdom of heaven, not the kingdom of the United States. Jesus is making a religious point regarding God’s kingdom. Can you imagine what would happen if ministers from around the country decided that they were going to the border and preaching “the kingdom to heaven” to all the people, children included, that are being held in the detention centers?


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