Liberals Panic as Koch Brothers Eye Newspapers

Billionaire George Soros has his fingers in just about every pie — political campaigns, corporations, foundations and especially media outlets large and small — and liberals are fine with that because Soros funds their causes.

The fact that he’s using his vast web of connections to tell them what to think doesn’t seem to dawn on them.

But mention the Koch Brothers — Charles and David, who have their own empire — and the fur begins to fly.

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The announcement the other day that the Kochs were looking at buying the Tribune Co. has sent the Left and its cadre of so-called journalists into a spitting rage.

Jim Romenesko, whose blog tracks media goings-on, has been collecting anonymous statements from Tribune journalists and others regarding the possible sale, and it’s clear there is already a movement to convince the Tribune Co. to reject an offer if one is made.

“To survive so much (and to have done some pretty damn amazing work in the process) it’s extremely disheartening to know serious bids are being entertained to sell to the Kochs,” said one journalist.

“It would be nice for the House of Horrors ride to stop,” said an employee of the Baltimore Sun.

One journalist on Facebook simply said, “It’s horrifying, isn’t it?”

In between a lot of baloney about the importance of balance, verifying facts and so on, the theme developing seems to be “Oh no, the Koch brothers might make us run stories conservatives want to read.”

Balance and objectivity have become code words for Left-wing talking points. Any truly objective reading of modern newspapers will make that clear. After Left-leaning political stories, most newspapers fill the rest of their space with a smattering of local news, sports, celebrity gossip and mind-numbingly dull features. (One of our local newspapers actually ran a story about a columnist adopting a cat on the front page.)

The media are worried that a sale of the Tribune Co. — which includes the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, Orlando Sentinel and other major papers — might upset the “roach coach” that for years has fed the public a steady diet of anti-conservative propaganda.

The Kochs don’t have experience with newspapers, as many journalists have pointed out, but then the supposed “newspapermen” running Tribune and other newspaper companies have run them straight into the ground, so “experience” obviously doesn’t count for much. The Kochs would have to work very hard to do any worse, and who knows, newspapers might actually have to start covering stories like the Gosnell trial, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, President Obama’s background. …

Politico and other Soros media are feverishly working to head off a sale to the Kochs in the name of ideological purity.

Wouldn’t it be funny if, after all the caterwauling, the Kochs bought the Tribune Co. and were able to return it to its former levels of success and popularity?

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