Libertarian Johnson Courting Gay Vote in Last Desperate Effort

First former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson was running for the Republican nomination for president.

But when it became obvious to him that the Republican Party and voters weren’t taking his campaign seriously, he decided to switch to the Libertarian Party.  Unlike Ron Paul who claims to be a Libertarian yet is running as a Republican, Johnson severed all ties with the GOP.

Like Ron Paul, they both fit with Libertarian politics that are both conservative and liberal.  They claim to be conservative when it comes to the Constitution, but very liberal when it comes to the moral and virtuous foundations established by the Founding Fathers.

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In keeping with the liberal side of Libertarian politics, Johnson has now proclaimed his support in legalizing same-sex marriages throughout the nation.  In making his proclamation, Johnson said,

“I’m the only one advocating for marriage equality.  If I were gay, that would really be an important issue for me.

What I’m being asked right now is, ‘Aren’t you going to ensure Obama’s re-election?’

I may well take more votes from Obama because of gay rights, because of the war, because of the war on drugs, you can really go down the list.”

I believe Johnson’s statement about taking away more votes from Obama on gay rights displays his complete disconnect from current politics.  Obama has done more for gay rights than any president in history.  He has appointed homosexuals to key government positions, enacted United Nations’ hate language laws giving privileged protection to gays and has just recently told that world that if they want US foreign aid money that they will have to embrace gay rights in their own nations.  Obama has pretty much clinched a large majority of the gay vote.

If anything, Johnson will only garner a small portion of voters who don’t like Obama and won’t like the Republican candidate either.  But let’s face it, Johnson already wasn’t getting Republican support, and his current actions and statements will probably garner him even fewer Republican votes.

Johnson needs to see the writing on the wall that very few consider him a serious candidate and that it’s time for him to quit wasting money on a hopeless campaign.

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